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In ancient times, someone in Sweden caught some herring, but they were really bad at food preservation, so they didn't preserve it in enough salt. Months later, there must have been a famine or something, because people actually ate the rotten fish and discovered they did not die from doing so. The tradition of fermenting herring (strömming) by not using enough salt has remained alive to this day, creating a particularly foul smelling dish called Surströmming that actually doesn't taste half bad.

Then someone had the bright idea of canning it.

So you have partially preserved, fermented fish, and then you put it through a canning process including cooking it at high temperatures, and placing it in a steel can, which leeches iron into the food and further (cough) "changes" its flavor over time. This and other slow, anaerobic reactions from the molecules that emerge from the canning process. The normal preparation of surströmming is to open the can while holding it underwater, to prevent an immediate and violent reaction to the smell.