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Looks like IDW will no longer have any involvement in the MLP comics or franchise for that matter, in fact that won't have any say in Transformers or GI Joe. Looks like the publishers of Spawn and Invincible will be the new home sweet home for Hasbro's properties. Looks like "Generations" won't just be the last we see of Gen 4 characters, it will be IDW's last involvement in the series.


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Background Pony #A17F
You're not wrong. Some of the art has been very good—Andy Price and Pencils are very good at what they do—but I haven't been feeling the writing for a while now.
Background Pony #897B
It's a good thing they labeled them or I might never have figured out who was talking.

It'd be nice to be rid of that dumpster fire of obvious childhood trauma and creepy passive aggressive fetishes, but it's the people that make a group, not the name, so I'd have to see Image not completely fuck up the adventures of wokepone and her multicultural friends before I say this is a good thing. This is a fairly high bar compared to the incredible ease of the high quality characters IDW was given to ruin.
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