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Sweetie and Spike soon became a couple after Applejack and Rarity's wedding. Spike was heartbroken that his long-time crush had finally settled down, with Applejack no less. Sweetie Belle recognized this and helped him move on from Rarity. From this they grew to like each other, and eventually love. The couple got pregnant a bit earlier than they meant, but Sweetie Belle was estatic anyways, and Spike didn't mind too terribly even if he was nervous.

Allegro is a dracony (or a kirin, whichever term you like), so she's half-dragon and half-pony. She's unable to fly or use any type of magic other than being able to breath light green fire. She's the sweetest thing out there and a tiny bit spoiled, but very kind and gentle. She is also very charitable and humble, giving to those in need and sharing unlike other little fillies would. Like her mother, she's very skilled at singing and will sing whenever given the offer. As she grows older, she will become an entertainer for the newly expanded Sugarcube Corner.
safe1873827 artist:unoriginai807 imported from derpibooru2580043 spike86240 sweetie belle53541 oc786201 oc:allegro22 dracony7481 dragon62154 hybrid22254 cute214988 cutie mark55114 family4920 female1137704 interspecies offspring8716 male392415 offspring44661 older29995 older spike5992 parent:spike2604 parent:sweetie belle700 parents:spikebelle79 shipping220473 spikebelle873 straight148725


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