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Anyone know where the latest version of the derpi bulk importer is or did the dev just fuckin die? Large amounts of manual importing makes me want to commit rope.
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I'm still around, been a while since I've done any work to the bulk importer though. I believe this is the latest version here:

Let me know if you have any issues with it.
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I’m now imagining a modified version of Philomena that merges in features from Pixelfed and/or Pleroma for easier booru syncing. Of course, some sites would still need custom scraping but if, for example, the chadmins here and on Ponybooru agreed, they could choose to mutually mirror uploads. However, it will require someone who isn’t a brainlet to implement.
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Both "invincible" and "turning red" deal with a heavy subject of sacrificing the most sacred part of self, integrity, to be under a prospect of a parent. And whereas the first condemns it through showing the destruction unleashed to the world that reveals the weakness buried within, the latter fills it with furries shaking their bums.

Never saw Invincible, but even though Turning Red was ROR AZN CURTURE WE ARR RIVE AT AZN TEMPRE SOFT SPOKEN FATER DISCIPLINE MOTER OVEBEARING EXTENDED FAMIRY WE ROVE MATH, I can't complain about furries shaking their bums. I'd say it was about regaining that sacred part of yourself, when your children get it through to you that they actually don't need you sacrificing who you are for their sake. Also furry bums.

Says on IMDB that Invincible's about the son of the most powerful superhero on the planet. So he seriously sacrifices the safety of the entire planet, just to be a stereotypical nuclear family dad driving the kids to the schools? I'd compare that to The Incredibles before I compared it to Turning Red.
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