Who wants to fuck a horse?

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Started by Background Pony #48D4
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Poll results: Who wants to fuck a horse?

Me right here! 🏇
54.84% 17 votes
I prefer humans 🤮
19.35% 6 votes
Only in my dreams 🦄
16.13% 5 votes
I have already made love to the mare (or stallion, we don't judge) of my dreams
9.68% 3 votes

Poll ended with 31 votes.

Background Pony #54EB
Talking cartoon horse, who is legally and biologically adult? If she's my intellectual equal and capable of giving informed consent? Maybe, when we get to know one another. Real world horse? Thank you, but no.

I don't have anything against people who fuck real world horses. It's kind of gross, and it's really difficult to get them to accept you, but sex is pretty gross, and anyone who can get them to trust you enough to do that must be pretty dedicated. They're relatively intelligent social herbivores who weigh ten times as much as you do and show affection by biting each other.

Me, I just wanted a nice girl to… not be alone with.

Hopeful Pioneer
Controversial opinion, but a reasonable one. As elegant as equines are, anything you can't have healthy offspring with is off-limits. I wish people on the internet weren't so horny because SFW pictures are much better anyway.


It's not gonna help your offspring at all to make something off limits because it keeps others from having offspring. There are eight billion humans on the planet. That is enough humans.
Background Pony #48D4

Being mad at someone for fucking a horse because it can't produce human offspring is like being mad at the fags. Nowhere near close to a majority of the population is gay, let alone IRL horsefuckers. If your society can't tolerate a 3% reduction in the birth rate, it was already weak and deserves its collapse.

@Background Pony #48D4

Right, if you want to get people irrationally hating on gays and horsefuckers and well anyone basically, then you have to do it properly, by threatening their children! Nobody cares about strangers being homo, but once they have children, it's simple to force them to join your cause.
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