Figured I'd to a quick little color edit of this adorable piece by Pabbley! (Especially cause I'm currently on my first Skyrim playthrough and addicted right now)
safe1853734 artist:blackjackpone11 artist:pabbley2428 color edit8246 edit142786 imported from derpibooru2553599 fluttershy227967 pegasus323386 pony1056005 clothes509214 colored21311 cosplay29540 costume31030 cute212974 dovahkiin114 dovahshy112 eyes closed103641 floating heart3147 fus-ro-dah79 heart53309 helmet11928 horned helmet322 iron armor7 open mouth165982 open smile3254 shyabetes14657 simple background441712 skyrim1132 smiling279707 solo1158876 the elder scrolls1399 uvula2059 white background111881


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