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The only thing you can improve by drawing the same thing multiple times is your linework, and even then it's unlikely. Improvement in anything else requires identifying and striving to correct mistakes, thus making it not the same thing — and resulting in visible changes between iterations too.
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I'm ok with archiving bad art, it's not my diskspace after all. I just want to be able to not see it. I'm going to tag it +i has pencil, hide it, and call it a day.

Why y'all've'nt considered making porter bot set sources and looking at derpi for who uploaded it and then tagging it as such?

Because it's not beginner art. "Beginner art" implies desire for improvement. Drawing pretty much same thing seven times is the opposite of desire for improvement.
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Beginner art implies I respect the artist for littering with his half assed attempt. You seem very invested in defending this loser. Is it your "art" by any chance or you just get offended on behalf of others for trolling reasons?
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+amateur hour
+this goes onto the fridge door
+i must draw but i have no hands
+filly's first figure
+well this got posted
+block me
+i has pencil
+phone&paper combo
+tesco budget supplies

Just joking. I'll make up something respectful.
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I am. I can't filter this crap. There is no artist tag to hide, no quality signifier tag like the "beginner clop artist's playground" or something alike, and I don't want to block traditional art either because a lot of them are good just gets buried under premature ejaculations like this.

If they had 397 creepily identical versions of this with no improvement I'd agree it's demented, but there's nothing wrong with someone photographing their sketch and then getting told how to touch up your work before sharing it. Doesn't mean they think it's good art, or that they should be ashamed to post it.
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Just drawing something on paper and taking a picture of it is more effort than most trolls would put into something. Sadly I suspect it's genuinely sincere, from some autist who doesn't know any better.
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It makes me wonder if crap like this is in fact uploaded by children or people truly can't tell that their work is sucks and have no self respect. At least turn the lights on when taking the picture or touch it up in a free photo editing app. Most likely just a troll and I'm overthinking it.