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Spike, Sweetie Belle and their daughter Melody.

Spike was upset when Rarity married Fancy Pants, but he was older and understood that his crush was just that, a crush. It took him a long time to recognize the same behavior in Sweetie Belle, who had taken an interest shortly after she graduated from Cheerilee's class. They dated on and off through their high schools years, but it didnt seem like the couple would stick. Twilight found some sketches Spike had done, comic book styled art and stories. Spike was embarrassed but Twilight encouraged him to study art and story telling and he did. Just before graduation Spike proposed to Sweetie Belle and they had Melody about two years after that. Spike created his own Comic book company, Dragonic Comics, and the business took off. He worked mostly from home to take care of Melody but when he couldnt due to conventions she went with Sweetie out helping the various off shoots of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. (Essentially Spike became the Stan Lee of Equestria… Because of his love for comics I thought it would be a fitting career for him, I mean he cant stay assistant forever…) Spikes most popular characters are The Rising Phoenix and her sidekick Foxfire, who protect Manehattan from corruption and the villainous Jester. I made Sweetie a kind of Pin up girl, she seems like a 50's music singer to me for some reason, and I couldn't resist adding the tattoos! She looks good like this I think.

I love the idea that the CMC would create an organization for other youths like themselves later on in life. It's typically run at Sweet Apple Acres, with Sweetie teaching magic, Scoots running a flight training and disability acceptance group that helps kids who can't fly/do magic/have some kind of disability, and Applebloom helping keep everything in order and running the campgrounds. They're actually nationwide with the help from Babs and other Apple cousins and other associates, and they're helping a lot of foals find their talents without getting into a lot of messes like they did.

Melody —
Personality: No one would expect this sweet little pastel thing to be a hard core rocker… seriously dont get on her bad side, shes got a dragonfire hot enough to melt metal… Shes normally very sweet and kind, loves singing with her mother and reading her dads comics, but when shes singing with her band, its typically rock…
Cutie Mark: A microphone and two music notes
Occupation: Student, rock singer.
She's also the first of the CMC's kids to get her cutie mark.

Spike and Sweetie Belle and MLP belong to Hasbro.
Melody is mine.
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safe1873842 alternate version54569 artist:magicandmysterygal80 imported from derpibooru2580064 spike86243 sweetie belle53542 oc786210 oc:melody200 dracony7481 dragon62154 hybrid22254 pony1071409 unicorn363684 crusaders of the lost mark1713 alternate hairstyle30709 bandana5901 cutie mark55114 eyeshadow18078 family4920 female1137718 interspecies offspring8716 makeup25164 male392424 offspring44661 older29996 parent:spike2604 parent:sweetie belle700 parents:spikebelle79 shipping220480 spikebelle873 straight148732 tattoo6274 the cmc's cutie marks4791 updated design108


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