"Finished up a sketch of a sleeping pony as requested by Trombone2015 hope you like the result.

I got a bit carried away, I didn't intend to make this into a painting.

Happy to read any comments or critique you may have.
Constructive criticism only please.
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Please don't claim this art as your own."
safe1730652 artist:redquoz172 imported from derpibooru2381004 derpy hooves50943 bird pone247 pegasus282168 pony954383 apron4366 chef's hat648 clothes464131 cute197461 derpabetes2383 ear down267 eyes closed91469 female1018482 hat86616 leg fluff3048 mare466566 sitting62714 sleeping23801 solo1076683 stool1713 tail feathers1014 unshorn fetlocks25204 weapons-grade cute3555


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