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2023 Collab -

Not sure I should even ask this but…- are G1 style designs allowed? Time travel is a sci-fi topic so I think that would be perfect with what I have in mind!

Princess of Shitposting
fags trying to turn this in to a rp thread kek
I dropped one image, in line with the thread's original topic, then left for three weeks. How is that roleplaying?

he clearly is a furfaggot posing as something he is not
Furries like anthropomorphic animals. Ponies are anthropomorphic animals. Therefore, all bronies are furries. Including you. If you deny this, then cope and seethe.

@Background Pony #B604
That's a picture of a pegasus.
Correct. It's a cropped version of this, intended as an allusion to the DataByte drama happening a month ago.

I called him a faggot cus he is
Guilty as charged!

so uuh, what kind of faggot is you?
I'm a lunafag.

Now here's the mandatory vulva:
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