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We've implemented a new, multi part script as a part of image Maintenace on PonerPics. The script has two functions. First, in updating existing "Derpibooru Imported" images on the website, and second, in importing more images.

First, the script will use the Derpibooru data dump to import new aliases and updates to tags from Derpibooru. Aliases that conflict with PonerPics aliases by creating infinite circular loops will be dissolved, and a report will be generated for staff to sort out the proper alias. The script will then update tag changes on existing "derpibooru imported images" to adjust to changes to tags on these images for their counterparts on Derpibooru in the time since their upload. These changes will be recorded in tag history. This does not affect changes to made to the tags on these images by users, and tags removed by users will remain removed. This script will also update legacy scores and favorites to reflect changes in the scores on the derpibooru counterparts. After the first massive update, this will run once per week.

The second function of the script is to import new images from derpibooru through the backend. These images will have the image number and upload dates of their derpibooru counterparts, and the scores and favorites recorded as "legacy scores." As essentially every one of these images has a "porter" counterpart, the script will automatically detect and merge these images, with any scores, favorites and comments transferring over. The image will have the tags of the derpibooru image, but the tag history of the porter image will transfer, and any user added tag will remain, and any user removed tag will remain removed. The merger process only effects porter images. This script uses the Derpibooru data dump, and so will run daily, but will not import images in real time. I am hopeful that it can be expanded to work in real time in the future, but that is as it is now. Catching up with delinquent imports will likely take some time; over a month at current estimations.

We will also be hiring new staff to help with aliases, duplicates, and general moderation. Further, more clearing of backlogged duplicates will take place once the import has caught up.

Post here for suggestions, questions, to report problems, or for general discussion. DM me or Megalith if you have any interest in joining staff.

What do you call it when someone makes images where their disgusting fetish is normal to all the characters, as if they could force people to accept it in reality, just by barraging us with images of it being accepted?

It's not queer coding, because queer coding is intended to be secret, not overwhelmingly blatant. It's not virtue signaling, since they're not talking about how great they are for supporting some oppressed people. It's not forced legitimacy, because these are legitimately disgusting fetishes. What do you call it?


anything by novaspark
Background Pony #2A97
Every drawing uploaded is getting flooded with people seething over it being 'bad' why? Any idea what autistic trigger exists in physical pencil art that's triggering their tism?
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