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@Background Pony #DDF5
I see two approaches and I know no one should trust TOR or VPN. Even if you use a hardened throaway gentoo/tails, with custom screen resolution there will always be one exploit left, given you have an army of professionals running scripts ( literally the government does that, the PHAROS platform here in France, the NSA, the FBI, Eurogendfor… ) that's their job. With more or less success. An autist with enough determination can also work hard and find ways to identify you on the internet, maybe you forgot to turn off Flash (showing your real IP) or post from a similar location, same language, or even do the silly mistake to post an avatar or a photo in JPEG that contains the EXIF data and signature of your camera or editing software.

Now FB, Twitter and major big sites makes it impossible to run without allowing all scripts or plugins or having a slightly secure but outdated browser.

@Background Pony #12D1
Depends of the version, Windows 10 is insecure but for searching and digging, there was some telemetry on Windows 7 that can be removed and uninstalled, through GPEDit and some registry manipulations to fully disable and uninstall WU and other services. At this point really just dual boot Windows/Linux and boot on Linux when you need to, Or use it on a spare machine, so you can run both.

It's a WIP. Raindev is quite busy, same with myself and I'm already on several projects, but when we all have free time to play with ; could be intresting to test some stuff there, but basically it's still in development. Just keep in mind it started from scratch as well.

Early Adopter
Thanks for the continued updates.

Unfortunately, I have a problem to report: When I'm on PonerPics looking at an image, say 2168912, and I try to open the drop down menu to swap to look at the image on other sites, the entry for the site I try to switch to in the drop down menu changes from saying "Search on [Other Site]" to "Something went wrong".

As far as one or two quick tests I did just now goes, swapping from the search results page on PonerPics to the search results page of the same search on one of the other sites seems to work just fine.

Site Administrator
When we switched servers, the information on the old server was copied to this one. However, not all of it was copied, including user avatars, images, and evidently watch lists. The reason for this, is that each individual element transferred required finding that location in the database, then testing the function to make sure that something wasn't messed up, and so forth. So it's not a corruption, but your user avatar wasn't transfered and you'll have to reupload it. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we wanted to transfer quickly and were afraid of unforeseen errors arising.

The old server can be found here

Site Administrator
The server transfer is complete.

Ponerpics has completed it’s import of the archive – over 2150000 images, including 68,000 marked as deleted from derpibooru. However, this import only includes those images that were in the archive, and has a few gaps, like all of the images uploaded to derpibooru after July 8, 2020. We plan on filling all of those gaps with more imports in the near future, so the importation isn’t done. We also want to transfer a few key images from our old ponerpics server, but haven’t been able to yet. Maybe we can add those in the next few days, but maybe they will need to be uploaded again.

All of the imported images are tagged as “imported from derpibooru” and those deleted are marked as “deleted from derpibooru.” Images have their original image number from derpibooru, which means that links in the description work. They also have their original creation date and are sortable by that number. Ponerpics displays the derpibooru favorites, upvotes, downvotes, and score in parenthesis next to where these values normally appear. You can sort images by these values, and search with “derpi_upvotes” etc, and the same with combined scores. Tags have the same descriptions, images, and aliases as on derpibooru.

Not every piece of information was copied from the live ponerpics website because of limitations in testing ability and time. User avatars, moderation reports (including link and dnp requests), commissions, galleries, and private messages will have to be remade and reuploaded, as will all favorites, votes, and comments. Users who joined in the last few hours, after the information was transferred, will need to remake their accounts. Because of a discrepancy in how tags are numbered in the database, custom user filters will need to be remade.

You can still visit the current server at until about August 30.

The import comes with some changes and updates, like a fix to file upload problems, and email password reset. We are missing a number of changes we would have liked to make, like new themes, fixing problems with the current default theme, mp4 support, and links to the derpibooru images below the source. We are hoping those can be added in the next few weeks.

Please tell us if there are any issues or if you have any requests for things you want us to try to transfer from the old server. We know there is an issue with svg uploads, and there are 6200 images that refuse to generate thumbnails. We hope to fix these issues quickly. The import set also includes many non-pony related and spam images that will need to be deleted. Please report these.

If you notice images that need to be deleted, or have requests for transfers, or concerns, please comment here.

Early Adopter
Remember that all the sites are still adding two point four million pictures to their galleries. That's an insane amount of images to try to load in less than two weeks.

It's still early days yet. I'd say the real test for the boorus will come some time in the next couple of months.

Also Rainbooru is running on all-custom software that's being written and modified as we speak. Rainbooru has potential. Don't judge them too harshly for not being able to handle the ridiculous tasks being asked of it right now.
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