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Background Pony #C556
How did we go from normal Collab of all the site artists to this silly thing. I understand you seem passionate about it but I can't really imagine a lot of others care for that popularity contest
Dumbshwick McGee

My hat vibrates, babe
One the next episode of mare's kitchen:

A self proclaimed captain conundrum is dropping out of the game early



Meanwhile, other contesters try they best to figure out how to move forward

Stay tuned for the new discoveries…

…here on mare's kitchen.
Dumbshwick McGee

My hat vibrates, babe
Ok, now serious talk,

Mare's kitchen is going to be a fierce competition only for those who are truly reckless and persistent, extremely talented, with strong leadership skills and a pinch of aryan heart.

Of course, this might be a little too much to ask for, given the diminishing numbers of active users on this site. But don't worry. If noone shows up to compete in mare's kitchen, it's completely okay. You're not expected to! Aryanne will gladly be a winner.

However, if you've decided to win, against all odds, then expect it to be pretty darn hard.

Contrary to previous collab, here are the new rues:

1) To apply you must have your oc dressed in a 'mare's kitchen'(TM) signature black jacket. Failing this rule will result in immediate disqualification. looking at you, mokran
If your OC appears in the collab, this means you have been chosen as a contestant! Yay! :D
After that, oc's will be split into red and blue teams. Not drawing OC's in your assigned team's suit is a straight road to disqualification.
2)Each week there are going to be challenges that require both teams to perform a special drawing task. i.e: showing a ponut
You are expected to upload challenge-themed drawings to ponerpics only. Violation of this rule is punishable by death disqualification.
3)The ponerpics audience will be judging each uploaded drawing with a help of ponerpics's scoring system.
Each drawing's score in summation will be compared. The team with a higher score wins both challenge and a reward from aryanne, which can range from her secret stash of never before seen erotic bdsm pictures all the way up to getting all too close and personal. The loosers will go to a gas chamber (for cleaning purposes).
4)Mare's kitchen will be opened weekly either on 4chan's /mlp/ channel or mlpol's /vx/ channel (it's up to debate). OCs will be tasked to bake bread there. Promts will be given by anons and must be delivered as fast as possible.
6)Given the harsh condition under which the contestants have to perform, added by a very retarded special kinds of people you meet on 4chan/mlpol, this is certainly going to be hell. Luckily for you, aryanne came from such places so she will gladly give you her words of wiesdom (and make you deaf if you stand a little to close)

@Captain Conundrum
I mostly do physical too. not great at digital.. I've tried some cursed re-tracing my art methods and they have turned out questionable at best

My vote goes to Fantasy Mares, Mage Mares in cloaks or Armored Knight Mares, That sort of deal
Captain Conundrum

if we can decide on the specifics i'd be happy to participate. it's just i'm physical art rather than digital and i can't into how to png or whatever is needed to take just the pone out of the draw.
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