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artist:confetti_cakez, artist:confetti cakez, artist:raven-sunshine, artist:pumkinroll, artist:ravensunad, artist:confetti_nsfw, artist:nite-lite-lion, artist:ravensunart → artist:confetticakez
Dumbshwick McGee

My hat vibrates, babe
@Soft Lava
Dear hijab mare,

I want to issue a complaint. Your pussy judgement is invalid. The picture >>6257673 is having a score greater than 6 so you clearly are pushing your own pussy instead of pushing the pussy of the people. I cannot stand this perversion of justice and demand your immediate resignation. You may hide your face but you may never hide the truth.

I will see to your demise, hijab mare. I will kick you in the nuts with my tiny gnome foot.

Faithfully yours,
Dumbshick McGee

Your game sucks
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The reason he says he takes it down is so he can take the GPUs that would be running the site and instead use them to train the next version of his model. Also, I would suggest trying out TalkNet. It is surprisingly good and the ability to match a reference audio is pretty cool.

Hopeful Pioneer
@Soft Lava
He epitomizes the saying, "Perfect is the enemy of good." I wish he would realize that as long as people are having fun it doesn't matter how perfect it is. Also what stops him from working on it while keeping it up?
Soft Lava
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الصداقة حرام
The final episode of Rick and Morty season 5 turns out to be great. And it's not because it tackles the sacred image of our God and savior evil morty as it's some kind of dog food for fans. You can see the amount of work put into finally spilling the beans and cutting the chain of this neverending speculation. Who is Rick? The fuck is my lad doin'? Those types of questions have finally been answered. The uncertainty has finally been dealt with. And it's showing. The writing team must have had a blast with this one episode.
Soft Lava
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الصداقة حرام is still down. The guy is such a snob that he won't let you use his product until he is personally satisfied with it. Ego at its finest. Look at me, I am a big guy. I don't care that you like my project. I an closing it down until I think its good.
Soft Lava
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الصداقة حرام
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They're geoblocked. If you're willing to go through a couple of VPNs to find one not banned by Netflix, there are locations in the world that do have the later seasons. I would just say download from somewhere like Yayponies unless you really need the best quality audio.
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