Site Rules

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1. Do Not make Posts Or Upload Images That Violate The Laws Of The United States

2. This is a My Little Pony Archive Site.
- Keep uploaded images relevant to My Little Pony and its fandom

3. Do Not Spam.
-Please do not use bots to upvote or downvote on images. Voting on images is fine, but please do not use bots.

Please tag images correctly.

Staff Rules:

1. REGARDING PRIVACY POLICY; No staff member shall use the information he obtains in his position on staff for personal gain, lulz, or to harass/humiliate a user or other staff members
The information of the users is sacred and shall not be used outside of needs by administration, we don't even have access to IP addresses from the users, we keep no logs, not even error logs, outside of what the website provides us directly.
Using information for any purpose, including selling to others, data mining for malicious purposes, or for any reason are grounds for immediate removal from staff position, permanent banning from the site, and if the offense is serious enough, main staff will cooperate with law enforcement

2. No staff member, to include the owner, is to enforce their own ideology on the userbase, no politics will determine what is allowed, only law and ponies.

3. No staff member, to include the owner, is to be under outside influences, desicions made must be in accordance with the rules

4. No staff member, to include the owner, is to take public action which will degrade the safe operations of the site

5. If a staff member is found to be in violation of the rules they must step down, including the owner.

6. By becoming a staff member, including the owner, you are implicitly agreeing to this as a legal contract, that you will abide by the rules and the consequences issued by them.

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