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Size: 800x450 | Tagged: safe, imported from twibooru, princess celestia, princess luna, caption, image, image macro, laughingstock, meta, needs more jpeg, obligatory pony, op is a duck, rant, text, twibooru, whistleblossom is an autist

1) If you take something from me, and yet I still have it, then it's not stealing. It's sharing.
2) True monsters will turn artists against themselves and everything they love, by stroking their egos and stoking their hatred, whispering sweet lies to them, that people are free without their consent, and artists should have the power to enforce their own oppression. Compared to that, copying art without consent is no big deal.
3) DNPs and takedowns are (2). Artists have no right to force people to stop liking their work, and that won't discourage them from drawing, if you don't keep simpering at them what an injustice it is for people to have something without permission.
4) The reason those things exist is to screw you over, screw artists over, so rich fucks can bully their way into a cultlike control over the community, just like Deviantart.
5) I will defeat your autism with my double autism!
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Size: 740x1932 | Tagged: safe, deleted from derpibooru, imported from ponybooru, sunny starscout, g5, text

It kind of makes me wince every time Hitch tells Sunny to give up on her father's legacy, considering Hitch might have grown up without any parents at all. What does it do to someone to see their friend so devoted to something they can never have?

I also think it could be an epic quest to find Sunny's father, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Did he know too much? Did he find out some terrible secret? Has he left clues to lead her to the solution he could never find?

But as much as the classic "on the hunt for lost parent" plot has been done in the past, I suspect this show will just keep riding on the "woke" movement with no real idea what to do, and no risky decisions being made.
Size: 1000x936 | Tagged: safe, artist:happy harvey, imported from derpibooru, oc, oc only, oc:aryanne, earth pony, pony, colored pupils, drawn on phone, drawthread, female, glare, holding a sign, mare, nazi, nazipone, op is a duck, op is trying to start shit
Background Pony #2FFE
Unfortunately, I am not. But it's okay Aryanne, we'll find our coniugator eventually.
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