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Hopeful Pioneer
Because you can set your avatar to explicitly NSFW images, and because tags aren't applied to avatars, if you have a filter set to eliminate explicit images you can still come across them with no real way to hide them. Will an additional tag check be incorporated which hides designated pictures even when set as an avatar? Though, if you use a non-pony-related avatar (which won't be on Ponerpics) that wouldn't work unless if the user has to put in tags.

Alternatively, moderation could just forbid using an explicit avatar. This is manually correcting the issue, and I feel if you really want to put hoers poon in your profile picture, you should be able to.
Background Pony #AA54
Ever want to roast someone or vent on them but don't want to risk getting blocked or banned? Well, fret not! This thread is a place where you can roast, dislike, vent or bash on them because they are imbeciles of the fandom! Regulars if known are preferred.

How big would pegasus eggs be? Assuming the show height of about 3.5 feet, I think Deoinychus antirrhopus is about that size. Slightly smaller, so I'd guess the egg canal would be around 8cm for an egg laying creature of a pegasus's size. So I guess pegasus eggs would be maybe… roughly the size of a softball?
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Amateur Autist
Searching for "red ribbons (character)" works normally, but clicking on the tag gives an error message stating "You can't access that page"

I assumed it was because clicking on the tag tries to send you to, instead of replacing ( and ) with %28 and %29 like in every other url, but the url still doesn't work when replacing them manually.
Hollowfox the Worst

Straight Outta Derpi
Vent your frustrations here.

I really wish Derpi would let me have a mental breakdown so people can comfort me and not treat me like shit. (Or delete it)

So I've noticed every single post with tag lolicon is either a 0 or -1 post vote. No matter how many upvotes it gets there is always an equal or greater number of downvotes. This seems like targeted downvoting, and should be fixed.
Auti.. Artist - An Artist

Son of Chryssie
Would it be possible for a feature to be added to Ponerpics where images can be uploaded directly from DeviantArt and maybe Twitter?

I don't want it if it's going to make the site like Derpibooru in other ways too.
Background Pony #264B
If you end up doing mass tag metadata importing, I'd recommend making it so it can only add tags and not remove them. Some buttmad idiot removed the 4chan tag from a huge number of images because "ThAt'S WHaT the SoURce SEArch iS fOr", completely negating the fact that there's dead threads and several archives. Not to mention that's literally where these are coming from and not the artist's personal gallery of any kind.
Background Pony #7604
It appears that tags with special characters are inaccessible for viewing, you can view this in the below image by clicking on the "blahaj" tag (special character omitted as it may have resulted in my last forum post about this being scrapped)
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Background Pony #9DAD
Philomena improvement proposal that I'm crossposting from Ponybooru: associative tags. The idea was originally discussed between me and a background pony over on Derpi. However, they aren't currently interested in implementing it or any similar proposal.

Why ask over on Derpi in the first place?
1. The idea came up naturally in conversation
2. Derpi remains the de facto booru of record for 98% of images. Tagging policy changes there, if accepted, will improve tags on here, Ponybooru, and Twibooru as well when their respective importer bots run.

Why discuss in this thread rather than on the Philomena project itself?
1. To get buy-in from here (and/or Ponybooru) before sending it to the Philomena GitHub
2. Gain feedback on how to improve the proposal from more places
3. Hopefully find the BP that was in the Derpi thread for more thoughts from them (as it was inspired by their idea in the first place)

What is the idea?
While the system as first proposed in the Derpi thread looks like S-expressions you'd feed into a LISP interpreter, there may be a simpler input.

Rather than merely tag images with Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, butt, horn, they could instead be tagged with Twilight Sparkle/butt, Rarity/horn to describe an image with Twilight's butt and Rarity's horn. Likewise, the implied X tags could be standardized into Gilda/implied or Rainbow Dash/offscreen.

While this proposal as presented still leaves some ambiguity in orgy scenes, the associative tags allow us obsessive categorizers to be properly obsessive and link "accessory" tags to the character they accompany.

What about search?
1. If you want to find (or hide) only stallion butts (rather than match images with a stallion and a mare's butt), something like {1}/stallion && {1}/butt would be the search string.
2. Searching for just butt would match legacy images with a plain butt tag as well as every single butt tag associated with a character (i.e. Twilight Sparkle/butt will match as well)

Other benefits/drawbacks?
* The only obvious drawback is that pony boorus each have 2.7 million images tagged the old way. This may be a better proposal for new boorus starting from zero. Maybe performance would be weird, but that's for the Postgres experts to discuss.
* An additional benefit is the consolidation of per-character ad hoc tags, like twibutt and rearity.
* Could be a differentiating feature from Derpi, if it gets implemented and used here and not there.
* Encourage uploaders to be anal about tagging the species, breed, and gender of each character.

Changes to the tag box?
I may make a mock-up later if I remember.
Rather than making users repeatedly type out character/ before typing the tag they want, the fancy tag editor could be enhanced with separate sub-boxes for each character.

>General tags< artist:none of your business, safe, tree, outdoor, prank >Character tags< -? Twilight Sparkle | pony, unicorn, butt, rearing -? Rarity | anthro, unicorn, R63, horn -? Rainbow Dash | offscreen, laughing -? Gilda | implied +[New Character]
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Is there any booru or something that doesn't allow "No edits" on their DNP? Like the booru mods can gatekeep for Patreon if they want to be self-destructive assholes, and they can forbid posting unaltered works since they love giving artists a way to emotionally abuse people. That's all well and good.

But is there anywhere that draws a line at artists who say you're not allowed to post derivations, collages, recolors or other unauthorized edits of their unlicensed My Little Pony fanart?

I'm tired of tricking artists into exploiting themselves, by stroking their egos with that shit.
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Dumbshwick McGee

My hat vibrates, babe
Dear valued members of glorious ponerpics, friends,

We've all been on edge this year thanks to continious madness spreading like plague all around the world. Ponerpics community collaboration event is exactly what we need to lessen the amount of dread. Afterall, only bad things will follow if we ignore this call. Weak spirited community leads to weak spirited users. One by one you will see those already unmotivated loosing even more motivation, which we cannot allow to happen.

I suggest that we unite as one. Ponerpics collaboration event will be a celebration of our union and our independence from trecherous derpibooru dictators and murderers of free speech. A symbol of our friendship and our values. A gift from mankind to ponykind.

All we need to do is:

1) Officially schedule a date when the event will take place.

2) Draw our OC's to join the event.

I believe 10 contributors is a starting number that will be enough to get this tradition moving. Vulva of the week has shown that ponerpics's morale has not yet diminished completely, meaning this event has a slim chance of succeeding. But without your help this plee will fall on deaf ears. I understand that drawing is a time consuming task, let alone a skill to master. That is why I, Dumbshwick McGee, volounteer to draw the OC you desire for you (the same initiative that derpibooru has). But for now we have a duty to decide whether or not people are willing to participate at all. I'd attach a poll but when I do so the damn page crashes with ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS so I can't.

For my closing statement, as always, I will pray to Epona.

Seal our fates, 'o mighty Epona, warrior of kikes and slaughter of troons. Give us yer strength and show us yer plot.

Okay, now that the prayer is sung, we are blessed to go on this sacred venture. If everything goes to plan, ponerpics will truly become our home. Not derpibooru's refugee camp.
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How do all the different boorus mirror images from one another and where should I upload to post it once and have it get mirrored everywhere else?

If the image is a good image for Derpibooru
Upload it over there. Like them or not, they are still the de facto booru of record. As long as it is an image that follows their rules and doesn't get hit with a DNP, everywhere else will mirror it soon enough.
However, uploading a Derpi-safe image elsewhere won't get copied to there without manual intervention, as I do not believe they run any porter bots.

If it's not a Derpi-safe image
Ponybooru? I don't know whether they pull from here and Twibooru or if they only copy uploads from Derpi. I do know that here and Twibooru both pull from one another as well as from Ponybooru and Derpi.
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How long after an image is uploaded to another booru does it take to be imported here? More importantly, after the import, are future tag changes at the source booru mirrored here?
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Background Pony #2A72
I'm a bit fucking spooked about this, had to unfavorite multiple images that were either EQG or anthro, both of which are image types I have absolutely no interest in and never would've favorited. If it was just a one-time thing I would've thought it was just a misclick, but now I'm wondering. Has there been any image id reshuffling that could've resulted in this? If no, could a site admin please check the IPs that have logged into this account? I can provide an email to send that info to.
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