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I'm a bit fucking spooked about this, had to unfavorite multiple images that were either EQG or anthro, both of which are image types I have absolutely no interest in and never would've favorited. If it was just a one-time thing I would've thought it was just a misclick, but now I'm wondering. Has there been any image id reshuffling that could've resulted in this? If no, could a site admin please check the IPs that have logged into this account? I can provide an email to send that info to.

Hello, I have been using an extension for the e621 for a long time, which, in addition to other functions, allows you to change the size of thumbnails. Is there anything similar for ponerpics?
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Luis was the name of a bully American football player I knew in a Texas high school. Now I can associate it with My Little Pony being turned into a Pixar-like production with a lack of plot, literally too.
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الصداقة حرام
I can't for the life of me find a psyhedelic tape animation. I know it exists, I've seen it multiple times. And I can't find it no matter how hard I try.

The music from this animation is played in THIS video. 5:55 is the timestamp when it plays.

Animation starts with a disclaimer that reads "THE FOLLOWING TAPE IS FROM A DISTANT FUTURE" or something like that. Then it pictures some crudely drawn man/alien/something with a beard screaming for 20 seconds accompanied by a beautiful music. No amount of google tampering helped to find this gem. This is my last resort.

If you know this animation by chance, let me know. The sooner — the better. I can't imagine what stuff google will put in my ads after analyzing my search history.

nuke china
>featured images are always the images uploaded by site users and drawn by site users
Thank you based mod, I've even seen some friends I know personally being featured.

searching i found that 1158431 is missing, so i though that making a thread dedicated to such occurrences might be good for the site as a whole, if you find that an image is broken/missing(or present in another booru but not here), post it's image number/link on this thread.

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Right now, I'm seeing a bit of a flood of edits of images that change the humanized organs to a black guy. The artists range from Cold-Blooded-Twilight as in >>6223677 to Alcor as in >>6220509 and to Dragk as in >>6220442 and beyond. Some of these are labelled with "skin colour edit", but there are others like >>6220481 that are a bit more detailed than just a skin edit.

I think this might be a next wave of the "blacked" infection. It started with the Zebradom stuff, but that's got a clear and specified tag that's mostly easy to filter away. I'm not sure what the best filter combination to use for this is. Any ideas?

I really do wish there wasn't so much hype about anal. I get that people can like it, and it lets males be penetrated. And I get that people are anxious about pregnancy so anal feels safer to look at. But both girls and guys really do prefer vaginal for the most part, and for some people it's a sex-snobbish moral crusade. It just gets my hackles up to have to put the "ambiguous penetration" tag on some mare who's drooling vaginal lubrication all over her stallion's cock, and not "vaginal" just because her vulva are not directly visible and people will start a tag war on derpibooru because I'm a probably male oppressor of their anal lifestyle.

Just wanted to rant, sorry.

I actually like anal sometimes, when it's drawn really well, but you have to have them thrust slowly and gently, and actually use lube, or it just makes me wince. There is nothing sexy about colon injury, and the anus is not self lubricating! Almost no artists draw anal with any application of lube anymore, because people really want to see vaginal, but insist on seeing anal!

And those artists who have to show their males cumming buckets three times in ten minutes, since they can't imagine sex happening more than once, and then draw anal followed by vaginal…


Site Administrator
We are now formally open to new staff hiring for Developers are most preferred, especially those with elixir, but we are open to all positions.

Post here, DM me, or send mail to [email protected]

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There's merch of the Dissectable ponies out there. They're apparently $13 USD for one of them (3 inches tall), and around $155 for a box of twelve, which is the only way to get a guaranteed full set, with a chance at some "rares" of some kind.

I kinda want to get some, but the price seems really steep. Has anyone else gotten them? How are they?


So um, I just noticed e621 now issues trigger warnings, and requires you to register an account, to track your activity when you are accessing blacklisted content. I thought it might be good to throw out a warning here. Since they're the literal Nazi instance, if even they are getting beaten down by the real fascists…

Well, it's probably nothing to worry about. Just be careful, and thanks for being here.
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الصداقة حرام
Welcome to the vulva of the week.

Each week we judge and pick a drawing of some random pony pussy that proves to be both sexually engaging and nicely drawn. Our work aims not to simply judge the pussy, but to wisely judge the pussy (there is a difference). For now I'm the only judge to apply for the job but other judges are also welcome to join. This way, the "Vulva of the week" will represent the view of the masses.

Here are the rules that determine if art can qualify for being featured in the "Vulva of the week"
-The art should not be of anthro beasts.
-The art should be drawn recently (7-14)
-The art should be limited to one vulva contender, aka a pony that shows the vulva.
-A vulva contender should present her vulva in a way for it to be clearly and fully visible.
-it is at best interest if nothing but a vulva contender is depicted in the art. Rear view is highly favourable.

The art bellow shows an example of a valid contender.

I hope the following thread will blossom into a weekly cultural phenomenon that can liven up the community and encourage a debate which is worth debating.
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