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So, Tumblr's basically dead as far as smut goes. Last I checked, the procedure to access a specific post from an NSFW blog was this:
* You had to log in to an account
* Actively be following a blog
* Open the blog up in a little side bar
* Manually scroll back from the blog's most recent post to however far back your desired NSFW links are

Just clicking an NSFW link, even if you're logged in, just brings up a page that says "This blog may contain sensitive media", and the only button right under it is for going to your dashboard. You can't just go to a specific blog link. Permalinks are basically dead, it seems.

I think that Tumblr links basically count as inaccessible sources. It might be possible to access this with external tools. I was able to find the source post for >>1396514 by doing a web search and coming across some kind of external viewing site that let me see the post.

I made a post on >>1396514 that I think has enough information on it.

What I'm hoping to find is whether there's already some sort of standardized way to "fix" the tumblr post links, or a standardized way to transfer things like megaupload links. If the main source given is a tumblr link that has all the information for a video, but the download link only has the video itself and not the cover art for the video, then what's the right format to use? I'm not sure.

Here's the post I made on that image, for reference.

As NSFW Tumblrs are basically inaccessible, here's what I've been able to put together:

Original link was

As NSFW Tumblrs are basically inaccessible, I searched for a download link and found this:
That link has the cover art for the video, a page of screenshots, and links to the patreon, places to find the video online, and a megaupload download link.

Megaupload link copied from the tumbex thing listed above: [link]
I don't know if the megaupload link will work for others, or if it was created just for my session, so I recommend you check the tumbex link instead.

The video is 179mb in the .rar file you get from Megaupload, and decompresses to a 183mb mp4 file that's 2:31 long.

Patreon link:

Bideo is 3 years old, so it come out some time in 2018.

Naughty Machinima link:
The PornHub link was flagged for "verification in accordance with our trust and safety policy".


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The image IDs from Derpi are supposed to be matched in the PonerPics URLs, right? well, in the recent images, the ponerpics URLs are in the 6,068,000 range, while the Derpi IDs are in the 2,520,000 range.

Does this have anything to do with the mass uploads and the replacement of those mass uploads when the site was first having content added to it? Maybe the central ID counter counted up too high somehow?
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I've managed to figure out a few keyboard shortcuts, and I was wondering if there was some place on the site where these shortcuts were posted.

[r] goes to a random image
[f] is the same as clicking the favourite button
[u] is the same as clicking the upvote buttom

[f] and [u] both work when just mousing over images in the search results page.

I don't know what the keyboard shortcut for downvoting images is, and I'm sure there are other commonly used shortcuts that I just don't know about.

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Over the years, I'm sure we've all downloaded tons of MLP related files. I'm just curious about how they're all stored.

I've got most of my MLP stuff split between SFW images, comics, and webms, all NSFW stuff in the same place, scattered individual music tracks in an "MLP Music" folder inside my main music folder, show files in with my other show files, "collected MLP videos" from youtube in with other folders of other fun or interesting YT videos I've downloaded over the years, music albums in my music album folder, which is a separate folder directory from my Loose Music directory, and I have a "Multimedia — MLP" folder where I collected the various comics and some other loose MLP content.

On one hand, I want to keep my folder organization such that I can easily search through all the Images or Music I have to browse between the same kinds of media. On the other hand, I also want to have folders dedicated to all the collected files from multimedia projects. Things that have text, comics, video, music, and all varieties of fan content.

MLP game mods and fangames are in mod directories for the games themselves, or they're in the "games" folder under "MLP Fangames".

I'm in a weird in-between state right now, and I'm curious at how other people are managing similar problems.

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When I'm on a page of search results and refresh, or when I click in to an image and then go back out into the search results, the number of images that are displayed horizontally changes, like the site thinks that the horizontal width of my browser (or my desktop resolution) has changed. This is inconsistent behaviour.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm running Dissenter, which is based on Chrome.

Personally, I really like that we don't have a politics thread. It helps give this place a comfy feeling.

What kind of topics and sub-forums do you want or do not wish to see?
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The tags normally list how many images have that tag. However, some tags display the wrong number. They display a number that's lower than the actual number of images that have the tag.

"comic:breaking of the sun" shows a 0 next to it, which would normally indicate that it was an empty tag, but it's actually got 36 images in it.

I don't know your policies on user tag management and creation, but something that bothered me about Derpi was the lack of gendered race tags being used.

While such tags do exist, derpi staff didn't seem to like them. I remember I got drunk years ago and deciding it'd be a good idea to tag every female changeling image as such only to have a mod tell me to stop and deleting the tag (there were already thousands of images tagged as such before I started). It was eventually recreated and there's 10 images under that tag now, but,

I'm suggesting that the tags "female race" "male race" and "futa race" be implemented and enforced for each race

The stallion, mare, filly, colt tags, while optional, are widely used so why not others?

The female and male tags aren't good enough on their own.

Maybe I'm dumb and can't figure it out, but how would one go about finding specific gendered races without it?

Back to the changeling example,
Using the separate "female" and "changeling" Tags won't work as it will turn up any female with any gendered changeling and I can't figure out any syntax that would work.

Even if it IS possible to do what I'm suggesting with syntax, it's overly complicated to do so and enforcing gendered race tags would be helpful.

Edit: didn't think to search for "female, changeling" to make sure it still worked the way I thought it did. While most of the images did seem to depict female changelings, it still turned up male and futa changelings with other female races. I want to make it clear that there should be an easy way to show a race only in the gender you're looking for.


On the subject of changelings, i also suggest the addition of

"changeling drone" defining a drone as a changeling without hair OR distinct irisis

(I really like changelings, help a bro out)

Site Administrator
4chan has just opened up self-ads. I intend to buy ads for PonerPics, and there is the option to submit multiple headers. Anyone who would like to create and submit a possible 4chan ad, this is the thread.

Dimensions are 728x90 for desktop letterhead ads, which I definitely intend to buy, and 300x250 for mobile ads.
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The tag 'Predator Drone' implies 'plane ponies', which has been aliased into 'plane pony.' However, plane ponies does not convert into plane pony if set by implication, rather than manual tagging. Due to this, the implications of plane pony are not set.

Furthermore, the image will not appear in searches for plane pony, and as plane ponies is an alias of plane pony, it cannot be searched for using the old tag. If the tag counter is accurate, there are more images tagged this way, but finding and correcting them is tricky due to the search issue. Additionally, plane ponies cannot be removed and replaced with the correct tag.

Site Administrator
PonerPics does not have a set DNP Policy. Below is a proposed DNP Policy. Please comment any objections to this policy here:

No courtesy takedowns
No “Artist Upload Only” DNPs
Artists who do not want their tag on any, some, or some types of edits may have their tags removed from these edits with credit going in the description instead
No banning of edits, save spam
Artists may request a name change
Art not released publicly, including paywalled content, should not be uploaded without the artist’s consent.
Art from “pay what you want” art packs must be released for at least seven days before being uploaded.

Feedback is desired.

It's like Derpibooru Image Importer , but made with a different approach.
Examples done with Derpibooru and Furbooru, but should work with any booru.

Script itself, Tampermonkey recommended.

This userscript adds a panel under upload page , which is able to open upload page on different booru and prefill almost everything.

For example, left window content I filled manually, and right window content was formed from it.
For technical reasons I can't transfer image file itself, only fetch link.

Script has an ability to try to respect tagging rules of other boorus by converting rulesets if rules are different, but, of course, it's impossible to cover everything. Check tags before hitting "Upload", please. There is no ruleset for Ponerpics, because I'm unaware about tagging differences.

ATM only Philomena boorus are fully supported. BoR-based boorus are supported partially because of less amount of data for tag analysis.

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So, with the coof going around, and the official reactions to it basically shutting down huge parts of the economy and normal society, I'm sure we're all using a lot more video chat software these days than we used to.

I used to use Skype a lot, but stopped using it a long time ago. It just seemed to keep getting worse over time, and other people also seemed to use it less. Somewhere around this time, it was also bought by Microsoft. Now it auto-starts with my Operating System, and I just can't figure out how to uninstall it.

The main software that seems to be used is Zoom, which is used because it has the lowest possible standards of accessibility, which allows even boomers to engage with it. The very wide array of ways to access it from makes it difficult to work with when said boomers, from a different part of the city, demand that I metaphorically tie their shoes for them (help them access the zoom call).

There is definitely a range of better software solutions available in terms of technical stability, featuresets, and so on, but they don't seem to be used much.

One of the bizarre things I've noticed is that most people never seem to bother learning how to use the software's featureset. If they log in with one of their existing accounts and hand over an existing package of information, then they get some kind of profile picture, but most people seem to never even get that far. I can't figure out why or how someone would work to preserve their ignorance like this and expect others to pick up their slack.

E-mails are workable ways of sending newsletter information to people, but it's easy for things to get lost in the shuffle.

Text messages with cell phones are good for individual people, but mixing in technically inept iphone users (who have a false idea of how much they understand what they're doing) who try using Apple services like they're platform-agnostic and then blaming Android phones for being unable to get on to the Apple network is frustrating. There are also often problems when trying to get a bunch of people into a group text chat, depending on whether they know how to use their text chat program on their phone or whether their service allows MMS group chat services.

What other videochat or audiochat software have you used over the years to keep in touch with people, or to have some sort of group meeting, and are you happy with your current software solution? What solutions would you recommend?
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Badges is a way to make site feel like home and it's members appreciated. (also make a cult)

I think, given enough space for creativity, we can come up with something, what do you think?

For instance, I saw lotus talking about this booru on 4chan. So there can be a badge given to 4chan newcomers.

Also for those who got banned kek.
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