Considering Sunset seems to be enjoying giving Ruby an earful, Pinkie might get her show after all…


A fun little idea I had a while back that Sodaska brought to life in his usual fantastic way n_n And just in time for spooktober, too, to make it even more relevant!

safe1802101 artist:sodaska19 pinkie pie226111 sunset shimmer68311 oc744248 oc:copper plume628 oc:ruby sword145 equestria girls214210 argument859 bridal carry392 canon x oc26590 carrying2336 copperpie511 fear1083 female1072003 flashback1121 frightened314 halloween9510 haunted house81 holiday24119 implied violence67 looking at each other21278 male368000 offscreen violence3 pouting2038 scared10962 scolding102 screaming3616 shipping212066 straight141699 sunsword94


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