Alt version with Luna's style shirt
safe1632612 alternate version37797 artist:renaar34 cayenne308 copper top365 derpy hooves48983 pinkie pie208884 oc636939 oc:crime stinger3 earth pony213053 pegasus256107 art pack:ponies on patrol12 baseball cap1878 bit505 bush2427 cap3942 clothes429526 crime87 excited2768 fake cutie mark461 featured image806 female945417 food64604 hat79938 hawaiian shirt407 illegal muffins2 mare434797 muffin6278 plainclothes2 police1111 police officer689 road807 shirt22595 sidewalk225 skateboard641 squatpony272 stairs1563 sting29 sting operation4 street698 tack4049 trenchcoat567 undercover18


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Background Pony #D33E
Pony Patrol Tribute

Pinkie Pie — Avril Lavigne What The Hell

Derpy — Britney Spears I Wanna Go

Copper Top — Police Academy Soundtrack Police Academy March

Pony Patrol Tribute 2

Pinkie Pie — Laughter Original MLP Music By AcousticMandoBrony

Derpy — Demi Lovato Heart Attack

Copper Top — Beyonce Pretty Hurts
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@Soft Lava
the pack is already released

people just starting to upload the art now that it's been a few weeks
Soft Lava
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We need more ponies for patrol art. I'd join but my tablet broke. Very sad times for a sofie boi.

Wait, can artists contribute to this art pack or it's just a few cool dudes who's made art and now wait for a money rain?