This is another random wacky art I had done with a friend of mine and I finally colored it. I apologize for making Fluttershy out of character here. ; She sticks up for herself recently and she had her moments when she snaps, though not this much right here. XD Rainbow Dash was responsible for looking after the animals when Fluttershy had to go buy some supplies for the animal shelter until Dash was stuck on reading one of her Daring Do books for a few minutes and the animals took off on their own. As Rainbow Dash came to the realization the animals were missing, Fluttershy comes home and… well… this art shows how that turns out. Fluttershy won't hurt Rainbow Dash but she is angry with her. I hope you all like it.
safe1838936 artist:superdarksidex52 imported from derpibooru2529980 angel bunny10243 fluttershy226761 rainbow dash248244 pegasus315772 pony1035848 rabbit5555 animal4570 creepy4427 cross-popping veins1733 female1101624 mare505157 personal space invasion884 sweat28355 sweatdrop3430 traditional art125334 trio9786


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