more rainboomswap nonsense, once again bases are originally by SelenaEde

kind of a reveal of the m6's swaps, but most people guessed em in the comments of the last piece anyway lmao. so yeah; applejack and flim (and big mac is flam), rarity is suri polomare, pinkie is zecora, twilight is moondancer, rainbow dash is fluttershy, and fluttershy is gilda. buuuut as you can see here not all swaps are one-for-one! coco pommel takes the place of rarity, and suri polomare takes the place of coco pommel. also completely not mentioned in the last post, gabby takes the place of spike and vice versa!

anyway, have some info on everyone except for rd because she's already been shown;

flim — an honest and stubborn young stallion that grew up with his brother, flam, on a rock farm. eventually moved to manehatten to become a baker. the element of honesty

coco pommel — a thespian and aspiring fashion designer who's lived in manehatten her whole life, and the rival of rarity. the element of generosity

kali (zecora) — a party-loving zebra that moved from zebrica to manehatten to become a party-planner extraordinaire. loves making friends and has a passion for making potion punch for her parties. the element of laughter

moondancer — luna’s personal student and twilight's old friend, sent to manehatten on the eve of the midsummer moon masquerade and defeats sleepless sun alongside her new friends. the element of magic

gabby — found as an egg by a young moondancer, and hatched by her through the magic act that would gain luna's notice. works as her assistant and moves with her to manehatten. idolizes coco pommel and wants to be mentored under her

gilda — a proud griffin and the childhood friend of rainbow dash and fluttershy, who shielded them from bullies as kids. moves to manehatten following rainbow dash and becomes a member of the manehatten weather team. the element of loyalty

once again didn't do cutie marks, aside from kali/zecora, who looked blank without one, but it'll probably get a redesign. also notable is that although it looks like kali has been heavily inspired by pinkie this is actually almost exactly what she looks like in my regular nextgen au ahsjlASHFL,,
safe1903794 artist:elf-hollow19 imported from derpibooru2628277 coco pommel6591 flim2459 gabby2729 gilda10381 moondancer5505 rainbow dash255239 zecora10348 earth pony289079 griffon31139 pegasus338098 pony1088858 unicorn372098 zebra20661 alternate mane six304 alternate universe11358 eyes closed107930 open mouth172728 open smile2648 smiling288786


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