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Doctor says it's terminal 🖥
Introducing Red-Hot Nuclear Winter! A wintery FO:E art pack featuring 10 artists and 1 author, including classic creators that perceptive fans may remember, as well as some new! Here we'll reveal stories untold of lewding and looting in the wasteland. This special art folio should keep you feeling warm in the cold. Here's our talented artist lineup~
-Basic Jasioh (writer)
You won't be needing Mentats to see why five dollars isn't a waste in these Wastes! As a pay what you want, the three highest bidders also get BONUS ART REQUESTS courtesy of our participants.

Number one gets two full color pictures
Number two gets 2 inked pictures, and
Number three gets 3 sketches

Get hot, get rad and get adventurous! We hope you enjoy this art pack as much as we enjoyed making it! Get it here!
suggestive158106 artist:brisineo345 artist:datte-before-dawn468 artist:fenixdust641 artist:frecklesfanatic217 artist:graboiidz220 artist:marsminer4437 artist:neuro1113 artist:pabbley2458 artist:shouldbedrawing60 artist:wenni311 imported from ponybooru14463 oc786201 oc only508075 oc:littlepip4449 oc:puppysmiles291 oc:velvet remedy1172 earth pony283559 pony1071395 unicorn363675 art pack:red-hot nuclear winter1 fallout equestria18760 advertisement10240 art pack1362 earth pony oc12181 female1137704 horn84498 looking at you191891 mare522673 older29995 on back26836 unicorn oc13482


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