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"What if Fancy and Fleur had children…"

I thought I’d have a harder time with these designs, because of the limited color palette, but it was actually pretty fun to design these

1. Prima Reena
Fun facts:
- graceful, elegant and very intelligent
- Prima ballerina of the Royal Canterlot Theatre
- Loves to read and thanks to mom and dad, she has a miniature library in her house and spends most of her time there

2. Crown Jewel
Fun facts:
- A frail colt, a total momma’s boy
- His talent is calligraphy horn writing, something that’s extremely difficult to do, mostly because you have to use gentle and swift strokes while writting
- He’ll grow up to work for princess Twilight, to create stunning invitations for the Grand Galloping Gala or summits

3. Battle Royale
Fun facts:
- Extremely tactical and resourceful
- They were taught self defence and fencing by their mother and have a close relationship with her
- They often have chess matches with their father
- Fancy and Fleur quickly discovered their talent for strategic and tactical thinking and asked Shining Armor to take them in as an apprentice
safe1873827 artist:gigason213 imported from derpibooru2580043 fancypants2104 fleur-de-lis4026 oc786201 oc:battle royale1 oc:crown jewel7 oc:prima reena1 pony1071395 unicorn363675 colt16633 fancyfleur208 female1137704 foal17691 male392415 mare522673 offspring44661 parent:fancypants914 parent:fleur-de-lis429 parents:fancyfleur209 shipping220473 simple background448909 straight148725 transparent background225863 unshorn fetlocks30831


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