Author’s notes:
Hello there. This is the writer Owl behind the script of this comic. Hold your horses now and don’t flare-up on this little tale of mine just yet… at least not until you read through my words here.

Whatever ideas you’ve had the impression of while reading through this comic are yours alone. This comic is written in a manner, if I may be as bold to say, to reflect your own understandings and convictions; not mine and neither my friend, Saturdaymorningproj.

So, what do I think? Well, this Owl here has seen many loss of life but I never grew stronger or colder. Yes, my gizzard bleeds still for any life lost… but I am an Owl; not a pony. My chirps were never allowed to be heard… and hence my silent cry here.

So, please, share with us your experiences and views. Tell us how well or worse this little work of ours was perceived in your heart.

Thank you for your kind attention to us v


Artist's notes:
Hello, Saturdaymorningproj here. As you know I drew this comic. In many regards "Silent Cries" was one of the most challenging projects I have worked on to this day. Since the format was inspired by Manhua, the Korean counterpart of Manga, it added its own set of difficulties I needed to worked with.

However, the biggest challenge was the story itself. While it's open for interpretation, it touches upon the horrors that take place in Ukraine but also conflicts that had lasted far longer and aren't as prominent in today's media. It's not the kind of project I or Whisperer-of-Winds are known for and it wasn't made to lecture anyone, however, we hope that this story will make your thoughts and hearts go to the people suffering, not only in the Ukraine, but also in conflicts happening in other parts of the world.

Thank you for reading this comic, take care.


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