The white-red-blue-black plane pony kept hovering with his extended wings and tail alongside the blue and white plane pony, not paying much attention to their destination or where they walked/flew. They both seemed to have a conversation going on about tanks… or atleast, that’s what this humble narrator guessed.

“And there was this guy… like… a T95, and I was like ‘Noooooo’… and then they blew up my ammo” he said, seemingly referring to a particularly hard match on a tank vs tank game, Azure looked at him and replied “Yeh… I was going to save you, but an Fw-190 was behind me and… well… I didn’t arrive on time… Sorry”, she said, apologizing shortly afterwards.

Walking the same road but the opposite direction, was a robot (Bonk). Alright alright! Artificial Intelligence! That hurt…. In any case, there was an artificial intelligence walking in the same road, her pathway converging with both plane ponies. This particular AI wasn’t of this Equestrian world, she actually was from a very advanced and very techy futuristic dimension, and well… she was just doing a regular mission, but by things that I, the narrator, can’t even begin to comprehend, she ended up here (Though I heard something about a resonance cascade… go figure what that actually means, I’m no science guy…).

The Rob-Artificial Intelligence was mostly gray; different shades, but nonetheless still gray. She had some red outlines in her chest, what seemed to be rubber like underbelly and chest, and red, glowing eyes. She also had some black sections on her forehooves and inside her ears, to not mention the antennae on her head, pointing backwards, and the oddly familiar X logo on her ro-butt (Bonk) I mean, A.I butt, that seemed to be the logo of a corporation of sorts.

She walked idly, spotting both plane ponies on her same road, then, after making a double-check to confirm, she approached them happily, intent asking them both where she was and what was this… world of sorts…

“Hallo!” The A.I. said, looking at both hovering plone and land plone, both seemingly surprised by the sudden interaction, and one of them, the white flying one, saying “Oh… Um… Hi? Do… Do you need anything?”.

The robot (Bonk bonk bonk) Argh, stop that! The Artificial Intelligence took a look at them both, noticing their aircraft-like features that characterized them and made them vastly different from a regular pony, so, wondering, she asked happily and a bit eagerly“Are you both artificial intelligences too?” , looking at both ponies. Said ponies looked back at her with a tiny bit of confusion (Mostly because her appearance) and anxiety. “Oh?…” the blue one started “Well… we’re called plones or plane ponies… and usually cat ponies too… but not artificial intelligences… though I guess we are…” she explained, trying to make herself clear.

“Oh? Well, I’m XR-47 Primax, the best Artificial Intelligence ever, but you can call me Maxi, nice to meet you both!” The silver A.I said, realizing she didn’t even present herself, shortly afterwards smiling and stretching out a black hoof towards them as a salute. Both plane ponies, seemingly intimidated by the A.I’s size, took a step back, but after realizing she wasn’t going to hurt them, they also stretched out a hoof (Or a paw, for the white plone), one by one.

“I’m Azure Interdictor…” the blue plone said, smiling in a friendly way, her hair covering part of her eyes as she shook Primax’s hoof. The A.I could notice there was something odd in her… she seemed sad and tired…

“And I’m… um… Bashful Interceptor, nice to meet you Miss Primax” the white hovering plone said, lowering his altitude a bit and shaking her hoof while he was still in the air. Primax took a quick look at him and noticed his nervous stance, which betrayed his attempt at sounding confident.

Even though both plane ponies replied to her friendly greeting, Maxi noticed how both Bashful and Azure seemed to feel… uncomfortable… or atleast, that’s what she thought… so, being the happy and friendly AI she is, she decided to make herself non-threatening as much as possible, and, with a gentle voice, she asked. “Is everything okay?”

It seemed to work, as both plane ponies looked at each other, not expecting the AI to ask that. “Um… sorry… Miss Primax… it’s just… that I’m… socially anxious…” the white plane pony stammered slightly, with a gentle, shy and barely audible voice, holding a paw with another one and keeping on hovering a bit above the ground, meanwhile, Azure just sighed and looked aside “And… I’m depressed I guess… was it that noticeable?… We do a terrible effort at masking it then… Sorry for bothering…”

Maxi looked at them with a concerned expression, feeling worry for the two plane ponies she just met. “Oh… well, don’t worry, there’s no need to apologize, and you’re not bothering” she gently cooed towards both bespectacled cuties, this sentence seeming to make both Bashful and Azure feel a bit more comfortable with the robot, even then, they still were noticeable anxious and depressed, respectively.

Then, the AI had an idea, and, remembering that they first said they were cat ponies, she motioned a hoof towards herself, at the same time saying “You said you both were cat ponies, right? Well… could you come here for a second, please?”, and smiling cutely towards them both, hoping that would make them both comply with her request.

It was partially effective, as the blue plone looked towards Bashful, then towards Maxi. “Um…” she said, and slowly approached closer towards her, uncertain of what she wanted and unsure of her intentions. It was funny and rather adorable how both plane ponies were small compared to the AI, but to be fair they were small compared to everyone, except perhaps breezies.

“I promise I won’t hurt you, you don’t have to be scared of me” Primax said, giggling, noticing the alarmed disposition of the plane pony and winking at her, though she understood why they were scared; she was like… ¾ bigger than them, and her appearance was most likely something new for them both.

“Now… let me…” she said, out of sudden darting a hoof towards the plane pony. Azure was going to react to a possible attack, attempting to stand back and block her, but the Artificial Intelligence was much better and most importantly, faster than her, so she quickly got hold of Azure…

…And then slowly, with one of her big hooves (Relative to the plane ponies), she gently rubbed her fluffy ear. Azure, who stopped trying to fight back once noticing what she wanted to do, smiled happily, enjoying the petting that Maxi gave her and letting out a little “N…nyaaaaa…” that seemed to demonstrate her enjoyment. The A.I having imagined that, by virtue of being cat ponies, they enjoyed pets, and that would’ve made them way less anxious knowing she wasn’t going to hurt them and she was friendly, and, as far as things went, she seemed correct in her hypothesis.

Azure purred lightly, as Maxi started gently rubbing her hair, petting her, having moved from her fluffy ears to her messy mane that made her look adorable. The plane pony smiled, letting out a little “…Your hoof is so soft…” and closed her eyes in relaxation, involuntarily bringing her head closer a bit.

“And you both are so cute!” Primax said, looking at Azure, who acted pretty much like a little cute kitty, not only by her actions; even her size relative to the AI was very pet-like. Bashful landed softly next to Azure, confused of the whole situation, until the AI gently brought her other hoof towards him and started petting him too.

“N-nya!” Bashful let out, having a slight anxiety spike and definitely not expecting the sudden break of his personal space, but after realizing she was just trying to scratch his neck, he walked closer towards Primax and sat down, purring contently just like Azure, letting Primax to keep going, idly nuzzling her underhoof and leg as a sign he was enjoying the physical affection.

“You both are like kittens, but better” Primax giggled, looking at them both being almost mesmerized by her petting, at this point, she wasn’t trying to make herself friendly anymore but just petting the cute plane ponies on her grasp. Azure dorkily lying down on the ground as the hoof went to her back, rubbing her fluffy and soft coat.

“You’re so good at petting…” Azure let out, possibly involuntarily, lazily turning around and exposing her belly to face the AI. Primax smiled, looking at them with a prideful smile and letting out a little “I know, I’m the best”, then gently placing her hoof on her belly, the plane pony wondering what she was going to do, until the AI pressed a little and rubbed her tummy in circular motions, Azure letting out a little “Nya~” of enjoyment as she giggled lightly, blushing.

“So adorable!” Primax almost squeed as the blue plane pony under her hoof giggled and squirmed lightly, smiling happily and blushing. She looked back towards the white one to her side, and she ‘Awwe’d lightly as Bashful took her hoof and nuzzled it in a feline affectionate gesture as Maxi continued to pat her head, earning purrs from the plone.

Out of sudden, she stopped pressing and rubbing Azure’s belly, raising the hoof off her, and, in a quick, clean swipe, she took hold of both Bashful and Azure. The plane ponies let out a little unison ‘Nyaaa!’ at the action, but they weren’t fearful anymore, just surprised they were suddenly snared by Primax

In an instant, both petted plane ponies were hugged really tight by the artificial intelligence, which also nuzzled them both in such an adorable way it could also be another lethal weapon of hers: Cuteness. She smiled, saying “You’re so soft and fluffy, like a teddy bear!”, squeezing them a bit more on her hug.

Both plane ponies, far away from disliking the tight hug, actually purred softly, enjoying it and nuzzling the bigger Primax that currently kept them like sentient plush toys. Her strong arms keeping them tightly locked in the embrace and actually making them feel safe and comfortable… she was surprisingly soft for an artificial intelligence, her coat being a bit softer than a pony’s one. Though, the A.I quickly realized she might have overdone the hug and asked in a worried tone “Oh… I didn’t… break your ribs, or take your breath away? I… tend to do that…”, her glowing red eyes showing a slight nervousness, but, to her surprise, both plane ponies shook their heads, Azure proceeding to speak “Oh, no… it’s… nice… the tight hug I mean…” she said, blushing a bit.

“Oh?” Maxi asked, slightly confused, but she just shrugged it and continued with her carefree and happy attitude;“I’m gonna keep you both as my personal plushies just because you both are some cute cuties.” Maxi teased, squeezing them a bit harder, as both plane ponies tried their best to hug her back. It was such an adorable sight; the bigger and menacing AI using these two smaller plones as teddy bears. Bashful, between purrs, said “T-thanks… you’re really nice”, smiling towards her.

“Of course I’m nice, that’s a given” Maxi said, winking towards him and keeping on with the hug, not intending to let them go anytime soon, both plones purring and blushing in between her arms. They really didn’t know who she was, but something was for sure, she quickly took a place in their hearts….


A little gift art I did for a very nice and very awesome friend of mine. His OC is cute and I like drawing it, so here it is, I hope he likes it. I’m planning to draw another pic, but I’m unsure what should that one be, nya.

Azure Interdictor and Bashful Interceptor are both my ponysonas, XR-47 Primax (Or Maxi) is nyot mine, is actually of my friend Primax The Robopone.

I think I messed up with the sizes of my sonas… I mean, they’re smaller than average, and Primax is bigger than average, but I still think it’s a tad too little, but anywho ballyhoo, they’re cuter that way, like plushies, too bad Primax doesn’t sleep, otherwise it would’ve been adorable seeing her hugging them both, nya.

Sorry if the description of this drawing is unkosher, I… I’ve been feeling, like, extremely depressed and anxious lately…
safe1928659 artist:fliegerfausttop4744 imported from derpibooru2650720 oc817384 oc only525423 oc:azure interdictor3 oc:bashful interceptor4 oc:xr-47 primax20 original species30351 plane pony1766 pony1115771 robot8782 robot pony4098 antennae535 artificial intelligence544 cheek fluff6679 colt17104 cute220864 daaaaaaaaaaaw4532 description is relevant1036 ear fluff36306 female1180250 fluffy16246 foal20313 frog (hoof)15845 gift art3278 glasses73612 happy36207 hoof fluff2349 hug32469 leg fluff3569 macro/micro790 male406034 mare544835 messy mane8677 ocbetes6052 plane3354 purring210 signature31051 simple background470915 sitting73424 smiling300427 smol832 story included10456 tail44879 traditional art129368 trio11094 underhoof59785 white background118384 xenestra corporation18


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