In London, Roseluck and Lyra Heartstrings are helping out at a garden house with the flowers while Amethyst Star uses her clipboard to check everything off that they do.
safe1928653 artist:mlplover949 artist:mundschenk85200 imported from derpibooru2650709 amethyst star2739 lyra heartstrings32591 roseluck5604 sparkler2587 earth pony301197 pony1115765 unicorn381991 background pony10596 bag6149 clipboard1437 female1180244 flower30065 garden768 irl71646 london123 magic82523 mare544834 mouth hold19782 photo83636 ponies in real life5820 recolor4790 saddle bag6564 telekinesis31340 trio11094 watering can504


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