Part 1: Before: >>2168149
It continues! And a certain dragon of ours make their dramatic entrance too. Let the terrible cheesy stage effects continue. Convenient foggy landing there (psst I did this because I didn't want to draw the feet/claws XD ), spike. I can't draw dragons I am so sorry I absolutely suck. I made a mistake with the text bubbles in this one and forgot to lower the opacity ahhhh and my file didn't save properly I have to go back and redraw that in
safe1966659 artist:aquagalaxy464 imported from derpibooru2701157 applejack190075 fluttershy239734 rarity204612 spike89253 dragon66077 earth pony314117 pony1147613 unicorn395075 comic:a forgotten tragedy5 alternate hairstyle32349 comic119692 forest12181 high res44230 size difference18142 spikezilla519 winged spike9155 winged spikezilla55 wingless5154 wings155803


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