It is those damn eyes. Keep reminding me of my Dyx so had to her in the outfit.
safe1987271 artist:pony quarantine1067 imported from derpibooru2729686 oc851091 oc only544812 oc:dyx378 alicorn264802 pony1165204 alternate hairstyle32704 clothes555299 cosplay31139 costume33837 crossover68275 cyberpunk edgerunners1 dialogue80423 female1228908 filly80718 foal23269 grayscale44248 looking at you210614 monochrome172980 rebecca (cyberpunk edgerunners)1 solo1245666 talking to viewer4064 traditional art131946


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Background Pony #AB44
>"cyberpunk edgerunners"
welp. THAT was a rabbit hole to dive into on a Thursday afternoon.