The full YouTube version of TJ Pones's video, now ripped from the source WebM instead of re-encoded at double the size! (I can't believe I spent hours on getting it re-encoded at just the right CRF setting instead of just checking if YouTube had a WebM version I could download.)
safe2336579 artist:tjpones4661 imported from derpibooru3443037 maud pie16179 earth pony440096 pony1546869 absurd file size3116 animated136587 chair12021 female1831781 fifteen.ai626 gaming797 gaming chair139 headset2494 implied limestone pie20 machine learning assisted159 mare730807 not minecraft3 office chair480 rock6518 smiling402409 solo1486805 sound16672 streaming253 talking to viewer5966 that pony sure does love rocks183 vintage story6 vulgar27712 webm25874 when she smiles1353


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She would respectfully decline, because Minecraft is on a slow but obvious decline so why play that when she's got Vintage World and better rocks?
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