Still learning sign language for many days in a row, not able to drag her deaf victim into the waters the siren reluctantly at first goes up on shore herself. Relatively harmless on land, the siren learns of the many wonders of the surface world.

He had a feeling she'd love the classical epic fail videos with folks falling out of their boats. But amond the compilations even it seems she had a soft spot for those silly cat creatures.

They spend their time together until the battery was out
suggestive174460 artist:annon2732 imported from derpibooru2816086 aria blaze11700 human191329 mermaid2669 starfish421 equestria girls248500 bare shoulders3831 bra19929 breasts340199 clothes577182 comic123211 disguise5753 disguised siren871 female1278808 seashell bra312 sharp teeth5196 solo1288657 solo female215490 teeth14713 underwear75006


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