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Making vectors based on other ponies while one day I make my own, I think I do them better every time

Haciendo vectores en base de otras ponies mientras algun dia haga las mias propias, pienso que las hago mejor cada vez

It is based on a pinkie nurse seen here but from 9 years ago

Esta basada en un pinkie enfermera vista aqui pero de hace 9 años atras
safe2249321 artist:retroponybro40 artist:zacatron941131 edit177202 imported from derpibooru2910363 vector edit4317 pinkie pie273602 base used29826 female1709217 hat119544 looking at you245048 mare673429 name tag360 nurse2833 nurse hat1001 nurse outfit1122 pinkamena diane pie23744 simple background560126 smiling366627 solo1406317 transparent background268363 vector95132


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