Fluttergoth has been on my "want to plush" list for a looooong time, so I was delighted when Dosenmais was interested in commissioning her, and was very patient when I went overboard adding gothy details :D

We tried out something like half-adozen types of Heat Transfer Vinyl for her eyelids, mostly from I can't find the one we settled on their website, but I think it was Midnight Blue? In my opinion, it had just the right amount of sheen to match her eyeshadow in the show which is why it appears different colours in different photos. (Fun fact: her piercings are made of the same material, to match!) Since the eyelashes and eyebrows are felt and layered on top, the eyelashes are 3D!

I wanted to play with texture and drape for the dress, so instead of minky, I found something I'd want to wear to a goth club. I don't know the names of the jacket and skirt fabric: the jacket and shoes have a slight fuzz, like really short-pile Minky, but without the stretch; the skirt and neck ribbon is a beautiful sheer mesh with a wonderful drape. The blouse is simple white muslin, though anything gauzy would've worked for the look I had in mind. The neck pendant was hand-sculpted from silver modelling clay and painted.

Body pattern by NazFX. Photos by Dosenmais.

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