Nickname: Pipes, Firebird (racer name)
Parents: Fluttershy and Spitfire
Siblings: None

- Piper takes after Fluttershy in that she keeps to herself. She's not timid, though, she's actually quite social and can be the life of the party after a drink or two. She's just a very lowkey pony and is overall super chill. Everybody likes her.

- Her absolute best friend is her wingmate/wingpony, Thunderbird, the only son of Rainbow Dash and Clear Sky. They were paired together by the Wonderbolts Academy when they were very young, and have been inseparable ever since. No one flies better than these two, they are incredibly in sync.

- Mysteriously, she has cloven hooves, a trait almost exclusively seen in unicorns. Thunderbird also has a unicorn feature- a unicorn tail- and he is the only observed pegasus in Equestrian history to display this trait. While Thunderbird inherited his unicorn tail from Clear Sky, it's unclear where exactly Piper inherited her cloven hooves from, given that neither of her parents or grandparents have the trait. But it's most likely from Fluttershy's side of the family, since her ancestors include all three pony races, not just pegasi.

- Despite Fluttershy being considerably tall for a pegasus (she's closer to average unicorn height), Piper inherited her other mom's height. She's super short.

- She's close with both of her parents. Spitfire is the one who encouraged her to be more independent, to Fluttershy's horror, but Shy got used to not having her around as much, and is now comfortable with the idea of her daughter leading an independent life.


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