Steady Gaze said:
It seems finding out more about our origins will be a quest of its own! […] Find out:

- If there's a way to tell whether two ponies are related […].
- If "soulmates" are real and more information about them.
- Is erasing things from history possible? Is there a way to tell it's been done?
- Causes of, symptoms of, and cures for amnesia.
Given how many questions we have… asking Princess Twilight would probably be fastest […].

You realize that there is much you don't know about, from ancestry tracing to psychology, and several schools of magic besides. You suggest returning to Ponyville to ask Twilight Sparkle the countless questions you've been setting aside until now.

Honourshine: "The Princess? Don't you think she has better things to do, what with being the leader of a new guild and all?"

You argue that while she may be busy, she is one of the most knowledgeable ponies you know of.

Honourshine: "And where do you think all that knowledge came from? Speaking of which, didn't you mention this town having a library?"

You nod, and tell Honourshine that Hoofington's library is just down the road.

Honourshine: "Hm. So you live next to a library, and you would rather walk all the way over to the next town, and ask somepony an evening's worth of questions, all without first attempting to do any of the research yourself?"

There it is: the unsweetened smart cookie you remember, chiding you for neglecting your studies again. But to be fair, you figure that she has a point; Twilight Sparkle would likely recommend you a few books anyway, just like she did once before.

… Not that you've read much of those, either, now that you think about it. Between your contract work and a lot of socializing, you had to return the books before you could finish any of them. Although, you do remember Spike telling you that the Princess had generously gifted the Hoofington library with brand new copies, just in case.

Either way, you agree to visit the local library together. With enough luck, you'll be able to answer some of the questions you have before your next adventure inevitably raises more.

Honourshine: "I thought as much. Lead the way, Blaze."

You step outside into the sunshine together, and circle around the house to let Moonflower know where you're going. Then, you continue eastward to the end of the road, and enter the library.

As expected on such a fine day, the building is completely deserted, save for Plume reading at his desk. You and Honourshine begin to browse the tables, where you find a few books relevant to your interests:

_ The first one that catches your eye is strangely titled A-Ni-Ma by Trotting Translations Co., a book of Kirinese origin on the subject of souls as written by local monks.
_ The second book you find is On the Subject of Memories by Sage Alabaster Light, a research on memories enlightened by the consultation of a primordial being.
_ The third book, Time is of the Essence by Max Clockwork, attempts to explain the fundamental workings of time in simple terms. It is the thickest tome you've ever seen in your life.
_ The fourth book, The Basics of Divination by Scholar Vigilance, introduces advanced spellcasters to the divination school of magic, which includes magic detection, identification, and scrying spells, among others.
* Lastly, you find Of Dogs and Diamonds by Green Shroud, which studies the physical characteristics, diet, and behaviour of diamond dogs, as well as the differences between each pack found in Equestria.

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