This got pretty popular, even made its way over to Manebooru.


Rainbow Dash Wearing Leather Jacket 14
Published: Nov 5, 2022

Open Edition, I wanted to try something a little different so here's an open version with a different style.

Made with:
Paint 3D
GIMP 2.10.32
safe2370204 artist:iamaveryrealperson58 imported from derpibooru3490143 rainbow dash311312 pegasus503417 pony1575163 2022781 clothes676664 cloud45292 date (time)58 eyebrows22474 female1860650 folded wings17753 jacket20737 leather3040 leather jacket5428 looking at someone13652 looking at something5048 looking at you275421 mare745735 on a cloud3064 raised eyebrow10197 shirt41257 signature44044 sky23846 smiling413186 smirk18970 solo1510027 standing24019 t-shirt7175 teeth21089 three quarter view2711 wings230811 zipper1229


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