Here's a fanart! This time its adult Apple Bloom realizing her shirts and bra are too small for her bust. Suggested by MakoNeko, one of the patrons. Thank you for your support and I hope you like it!

This is a fanart I've made and posted in March 8th. It was later posted in DeviantArt the next day.

The drawing process has been straightfoward, so there was nothing that was too complicated to deal with. The original inked drawing had too many scratches and, because of that, I had to fix it with vectors.

If I happen to have extra time, I could post more fanart here.

I hope you like it and take care everyone!
suggestive224911 artist:ringteam494 imported from derpibooru3528255 apple bloom70065 human259607 big breasts132930 bra24171 breasts428573 busty apple bloom2552 cleavage49728 clothes687665 dialogue101698 female1885581 huge breasts60812 humanized139054 impossibly large breasts25246 older41835 older apple bloom3437 open mouth252410 underwear88277


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