A couple of moms of the NEET variety.
…Some are nicer than others.
safe2413593 artist:castafae119 imported from derpibooru3553330 oc1044842 oc only736504 oc:golden jubilee9 oc:satin stitch9 oc:velveteen16 earth pony465675 pony1612287 unicorn564731 blushing303727 chest fluff69738 choker22848 clothes695478 female1902661 filly106180 foal44024 frown38175 glasses97335 gray background15841 hair over one eye13768 horn165506 lidded eyes50244 mare766996 messy mane11717 mother and child6227 mother and daughter8942 pigtails7206 pillow28093 ponytail28669 simple background636831 sitting100017 skirt58740 smiling427283 striped underwear3893 sweater21447 tail102136 tail wag1639 underwear89222


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