Happy (belated) Mother's Day Buttercup embodying the tough and tender mama all in one
safe2413593 artist:matchstickman435 imported from derpibooru3553330 applejack227309 pear butter4325 anthro413668 earth pony465675 abs17028 apron6470 baking940 biceps2353 breasts433938 busty pear butter544 clothes695478 deltoids468 duo160774 female1902660 filly106180 filly applejack834 food110629 mare766995 matchstickman's pear buffer series20 mother and child6227 mother and daughter8942 muscles20406 muscular female4623 pear buffer43 pecs2247 pie4562 simple background636831 sweat44652 triceps168 weight lifting821 weights1215 younger26079


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