second to last we're in the home stretch! 🗣 He came out so dang cute, maybe my favorite so far! (I am adding this as the artist in post, YES this pinkie pie is explicitly meant to be a poc, since derpibooru doesnt have tags for such a thing.)

Please do not use or repost without my explicit consent<3
safe2422447 artist:caffeinatedcarny79 imported from derpibooru3566309 pinkie pie290962 pinkie pie (g3)1134 pegasus522690 pony1620063 afro mane15 alternate cutie mark3065 alternate universe14340 cheek fluff9729 colored hooves12700 colored wings14656 cornrows336 disabled274 down syndrome14 ear fluff53359 elbow feathers2 fat32078 feathered fetlocks1131 g39880 genderfluid237 hair extensions31 hair streaks6 hair wrap102 headcanon3465 hooves27928 lgbt574 lgbt headcanon410 lgbtq67 multicolored hooves267 multicolored wings5634 pegasus pinkie pie578 pudgy pie2159 race swap23260 redesign5061 simple background640408 small wings1114 species swap29646 tooth gap382 vitiligo312 white background174149 wings244518


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Background Pony #4BB3
No, no. The more you read it, the more closely you look at it, the better it gets.

>"explicitly meant to be a poc"
>Down's Syndrome

Either this guy has an extra chromosome himself and doesn't actually read the words before he hits "send," or we are witnessing some epic 87 dimensional meta-trolling here. Either way,