ATG2024 10 Rainbow Dash and Rarity makeover day
Made for the EqD ATG
Draw a pony feeling out of place / Draw a pony feeling right at home.

Rainbow Dash feels out of place when Rarity wants to give her a makeover

Shorts Outfit model Rainbow Dash

Shorts Outfit model Rarity

Makeup Box

Carousel Boutique
safe2422417 artist:wissle561 imported from derpibooru3566265 rainbow dash318351 rarity247720 equestria girls290283 3d137202 atg 2024482 carousel boutique3322 female1912210 high res100973 makeover528 makeup42673 makeup kit21 newbie artist training grounds9274 not sure if want277 sitting100624 source filmmaker75131 standing26190


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