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ZIP of these all separated at skettisauce.
safe1873845 artist:atomicgreymon63 imported from derpibooru2580067 apple bloom55935 applejack183399 big macintosh30920 bon bon17662 derpy hooves53072 dj pon-331000 doctor whooves11090 fluttershy230183 gilda10234 lyra heartstrings31526 pinkie pie232491 princess celestia102552 princess luna106434 rainbow dash251637 rarity196545 scootaloo55662 spike86243 sweetie belle53542 sweetie drops17658 time turner11084 trixie73088 twilight sparkle326149 vinyl scratch31003 alicorn246865 dragon62154 earth pony283566 griffon30470 pegasus329797 pony1071411 unicorn363684 .zip file at source187 blank flank8074 bow32485 cape11403 clothes517010 female1137720 filly74695 flying41980 foal17696 grin44246 hair bow17729 hat97729 hooves19417 horn84501 icon2006 jewelry75637 lineless4352 male392424 mane six34246 mare522678 minimalist1994 mouth hold19153 open mouth169058 raised hoof51886 regalia22795 sitting70644 smiling284853 spread wings62020 stallion123583 standing14425 sunglasses16066 tiara4628 windows871 wings135574


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Early Adopter
The linked download actually includes an icon library, which has all the images in all the icon sizes! Very convenient!
As a bonus, these images scale well at different sizes; are unobtrusive in design, so they can fit in with many different icon styles; have distinctive but subtle colour palettes; and aren't limited by having their replacement target already decided for them. That means that I can use these icons to replace Skype, or I can use them to replace a character folder, or I can use them as a button for a custom-programmed command that could do anything I want, or to launch any other program I want.

I think the person who designed this has a really good grasp on what makes a good icon image.
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