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_Okay, how about this:_

+*Ponerpics Community Collaboration 2023*+

*Deadline:* 30th November 30th

Picture cannot contain multiple characters.
Picture must be of an OC, and not a character from the show.
Picture must be tagged with 'ponerpics community collab 2023'.
Picture must be tagged with an artist tag (not anonymous).
Picture must be original to the collab, no recycling old work.
Picture should have a transparent background, if you are unable to do so, then it must have a blank background with a clean outline around the character.
Picture must be SFW.
No low effort art (i.e. shitposts) - beginner art is allowed.

If you would like, you may post multiple drawings for the collab under your artist tag, but only one will be selected for the final picture.
Submissions made the day before, or of, the deadline may not make it into the final picture.
Any pictures that do not make it into the final collab will have the collab tag removed.
If you and another artist would like your OCs paired together in the final picture, then leave a note in the description, and I'll try and do so.

_Do you think any of these rules should be changed?_
_Are there any more rules you think should be added?_
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