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I'm sorry to disturb, but is the vote just based on whichever picture from this week had the most upvotes? How do you filter by recent uploads?
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@Background Pony #4FCA
>How do you filter by recent uploads?
"created_at.gte:7 days ago" (also works with months or years) or "created_at.gte:YYYY-MM-DD"
Press the question mark by the search box. There's a lot of helpful shit in there.
Punished McGee

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@Soft Lava
Dear hijab mare,

I want to issue a complaint. Your pussy judgement is invalid. The picture >>6257673 is having a score greater than 6 so you clearly are pushing your own pussy instead of pushing the pussy of the people. I cannot stand this perversion of justice and demand your immediate resignation. You may hide your face but you may never hide the truth.

I will see to your demise, hijab mare. I will kick you in the nuts with my tiny gnome foot.

Faithfully yours,
Dumbshick McGee

Your game sucks
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