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Sweetie Belle gently carressed the egg that held her next child. Muted chirps and mews could be heard throught the shell. It was soon time for her and Spike to welcome their lastest addition into the world. Gentle taps and slight shakes were becoming more and more frequent. It was only a matter of time now and their son, Hedgewing, would have a sibling.

Sweetie Belle (smiling sweetly): Soon.

Hedgewing: What's soon, mother?

Sweetie Belle: You will have a little brother or sister.

Hedgewing: Wow. Can I play with them when they get here?

Sweetie Belle: Not immediately. They will have to get a bit bigger.

Hedgewing: Will we be friends?

Sweetie Belle: Yes, my son, that will start as soon as your eyes meet.

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safe1873827 artist:itstaylor-made157 imported from derpibooru2580043 sweetie belle53541 oc786201 oc:hedgewing1 dracony7481 hybrid22254 cape11403 clothes517002 cmc cape264 cutie mark55114 interspecies offspring8716 next generation6764 offspring44661 older29995 parent:spike2604 parent:sweetie belle700 parents:spikebelle79 simple background448909 story included10169 the cmc's cutie marks4791 white background113327


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