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Queen Twilight Sparkle, ruler of Equestria, element of magic, student and now wife of Lady Celestia. Celestia, having absconded the throne and most of her magic, is now just a stay at home mother taking care of their children: Prince Dawn and their newborn filly Princess Dusk.

Twilight's Royal advisor Spike is still right by her side, with his own growing family. Now married to Sweetie Belle, they have their own daughter named Lotus Lullaby. Sweetie is a singer, actress, and activist while also still in touch with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Spike is ambassador to other species, so Lotus is usually babysat by Tia and plays with her honorary cousins.

Hope ya guys like this! Just my tweaks to a scene from the last episode, hopefully this doesn't spoil anything for ya.
safe1873827 artist:unoriginai807 edit144596 edited screencap68228 imported from derpibooru2580043 screencap234458 princess celestia102552 spike86240 sweetie belle53541 twilight sparkle326145 oc786201 oc:lotus lullaby5 oc:prince dawn25 oc:princess dusk3 alicorn246864 dracony7481 earth pony283559 hybrid22254 pegasus329792 pony1071395 the last problem6721 baby10546 baby pony7215 bedroom eyes65867 blushing222455 cute214988 female1137704 gigachad spike852 interspecies offspring8716 lesbian108733 magical lesbian spawn13906 male392415 offspring44661 older29995 older spike5992 older twilight2117 parent:princess celestia2489 parent:spike2604 parent:sweetie belle700 parent:twilight sparkle9430 parents:spikebelle79 parents:twilestia188 pink-mane celestia2402 princess twilight 2.02873 ring4209 shipping220473 size difference17143 spikebelle873 straight148725 twilestia2747 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133399 wavy mouth4082 wedding ring916


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