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Name: Crystal Song Belle.

Nickname: Crysty, Belle, baby, honey, sugar, white ball.

Species: Dragon-pony-hybrid.

Genre: Female.


Sweetie Belle (mom)


Spike (dad)

Opal Jade (little brother)

Rarity (aunt)


Fancy pants (uncle)

Sen (cousin)

Twilight (aunt)


Flash (uncle)

Diamond Wings (cousin)
Jake Sparkle (cousin)

Shining Armor (Uncle)


Cadence (Aunt)

Flurry Heart (Cousin)

Looven (Cousin)

Twilight Velvet (Grandmother)

Night Light (Grandfather)

Hondo Flanks (Grandfather)

Cookie Crumbles (Grandmother)

Opalescence (Pet)

Owlowiscious (pet)


Young singer, student.

Age: 15


-She loves singing and cooking.

-She likes to read a lot.

-As a filly she was very troubled, she used to do many pranks, burn and break things. However, as she grew older she became more orderly and now she loves to clean,

-Usually draw flowers.

SHe loves her family very much, it is her priority.

She can't fly, her wings aren't big enough to keep her in the air.

-She has a powerful magic, this is noticeable since childhood, her first ‘’ spell’ was to levitate herself and all the objects in her home. Spike requested the help of Twilight and the princess to control this, it took a while for Crystal not to use her magic, and sometimes she used to unleash magic rays involuntarily.

-In order to solve this, twilight and the princess enchanted a ring, which momentarily seals Crystal's powers.

-Like her father, she has a magical fire.

-She would like to be a very famous singer.

-She has a very pretty voice, this voice can enchant a pony, you can't really explain this, Crystal doesn't know how this happens either, she just sings with her heart.

She has a maternal instinct, she is usually very overprotective with her younger brother, with her mother and father too.

-Has a pet, a puppy that I adopt from the everfree forest, the little one was

lost and hurt in the forest.

-She has a crush in an astral dragon.


-Energetic, intelligent.


-Very sociable.

-She has a complicated temperament many times.

-She can be friendly and everything, knowing her and you want to be her friend, but if you get to offend someone she considers very important in her life … then you will go DOWN.

-She is usually very optimistic and does not like to feel sad.
safe1873854 artist:malinraf1615268 imported from derpibooru2580086 oc786214 oc:crytal song belle1 dracony7481 hybrid22254 chest fluff45653 color palette531 cute214993 dragon eyes50 eye1852 eyes2123 female1137734 interspecies offspring8716 offspring44661 one eye closed35054 parent:spike2604 parent:sweetie belle700 parents:spikebelle79 reference sheet14596 simple background448925 solo1171425 tongue out118282 transparent background225869 watermark18724 wink27351


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