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“Mom?” Called Filet as she trotted down the stairs. “ Mom can I have some chocolate milk?” She arrived at the bottom of the stairs and came face to face with her mother’s smiling face. “Ohh! Sorry Mom!” Filet gasped, almost running into her mother.

“Oh quiet dear, no harm done!” Rarity giggled. “I was just speaking to Twilight, but she’s gone now. Go on and get your snack, but it’s straight to bed after that!”

“Okay Mom, thanks!” Filet smiled and pranced towards the kitchen, but turned around a moment later to face her mother. “Oh, and when will Mum be back?”

“Fluttershy will be home later tonight, she’s with Sweetie Belle right now. Now go on and get your milk.” Rarity spoke rather harshly, but Filet payed no mind. Her mother had been through quite the ordeal after all. Filet made her way to the kitchen and left her mother alone.


“This is horrible, I can’t eve fathom it. She KEPT the child?!” Exclaimed Sweetie Belle, her breathing strained.

“I know it seems strange, Sweetie, but your sister wants to give this child a chance, despite the circumstances of its conception. It’s important that we support her in this trying time.” Fluttershy explained as she set her tea cup back on the kitchen table.

“And your search for the-the, rapist didn’t yield any results? Was NO ONE suspicious?” Sweetie Belle was incredulous, her tea spilling despite her magical hold on it. Fluttershy put a hoof on Sweetie’s cup and slowly lead it down to the table where it sat with a clack. The young white mare released her hold on the cup.

“Of course there were suspicious ponies, Sweetie, but there was no concrete evidence supporting the guilt of any of them. They all had alibis.” Fluttershy explained calmly.

“Well search AGAIN!” Sweetie shouted, slamming her hoof onto the table.

“I’m sorry Sweetie, but when Rainbow, Twilight, and Applejack came back from the Crystal Empire, Rainbow Dash told you and your friends-“ Fluttershy was cut off.

“She told us that there were no more leads to pursue and everybody had been eliminated as a suspect, I know!” Sweetie sighed, exasperated and shifted in her seat. “What I’M saying is that there is a Crystal pony RAT out there somewhere who violated my sister, and we need to find him! And ON TOP OF THAT, my crazy sister is keeping the baby! This whole situation is just one big clusterfuck!” Sweetie Belle shouted.

“Mommy said a swear!” A pony gasped from the kitchen entrance, her little hoof to her mouth in surprise. Sweetie gasped and quickly moved from the chair to stand in front of her small foal.

“Spiny Quartz! What are you doing here? You should be in bed young lady!” Sweetie chastised her daughter with a soft tone.

“I heard you shouting so I got up. Why are you mad mommy? Was someone mean to you?” Quartz asked, tilting her head.

“No, no, dear, Mommy’s alright. I’m just…having a little debate with Mrs. Fluttershy is all.” Sweetie smiled reassuringly.

“Isn’t a debate just a fancy argument?” Quartz asked pointedly.

Sweetie chuckled. “Kind of, but it’s okay, everything’s okay, now back to bed.” Spiny Quartz began walking back through the doorway when she suddenly stopped and turned around.

“Are you angry about Auntie Rarity’s baby?” Quartz asked innocently. Sweetie Belle was taken aback, and Fluttershy’s eyes widened.

“How…how do you know about that Spiny?” The white mare asked carefully.

“All the foals at school have been talking about it. Auntie Rarity has a pregnant and no one knows who the dad is. Is that true, momma?” Spiny Quartz shuffled her hooves and lowered her ears.

“I…I- um.” Sweetie was at a loss for words.

“Auntie Rarity is pregnant, Spiny,” Fluttershy spoke up. “The baby is a gift from Celestia, that’s why it has no daddy.” The yellow pegasus smiled reassuringly.

“Oh, that was really nice of Princess Celestia! I’m going to tell all the foals at school that they’re wrong and the baby is a gift! I bet they’ll be jealous!” Quartz happily trotted in place before running towards the door and down the hall. “G’night Momma, g’night Auntie Fluttershy!” Sweetie Belle looked on in shock as her daughter galloped off to her and her brother’s room. She slowly turned her head to face Fluttershy.

“Th-thank you Fluttershy. ” Sweetie mumbled. Fluttershy smiled softly.
safe1873827 artist:spuds-mcfrenzy77 imported from derpibooru2580043 fluttershy230181 rarity196543 sweetie belle53541 oc786201 oc:filet2 oc:spiny quartz1 dracony7481 hybrid22254 pegasus329792 pony1071395 unicorn363675 comic:skinwalker29 chest fluff45652 comic116304 female1137704 inkieverse29 interspecies offspring8716 magical lesbian spawn13906 mare522673 offspring44661 older29995 older sweetie belle2607 parent:fluttershy5600 parent:rarity4820 parent:spike2604 parent:sweetie belle700 parents:flarity97 parents:spikebelle79 sitting70643


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