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Murky Lynne Silentium
Alias(es)- Sillie, Murk's, Silentium
Species- Unicorn
Age- 23 currently
Born- January 2nd 2613 AC
Gender- Female
Sexuality- Bisexual
Height (all fours)- 5'6 ft
Coat- White with golden stripes
Primary mane/tail- Blue, with cyan highlights
Secondary mane/tail- White w/ red hairbands
Eyes- Red/deep red
CM- A sword

The TLDR of Murky's traits are:
Affectionate (inwardly)
Mildly neurotic

Perhaps Murky's favourite things are swords, daggers, and knives. Their shape, material, age, power, history, everything about them she finds fascinating, and she can fight effectively with them too. Perhaps if she was gifted with more patience, she would have discovered this love earlier and academically studied it.

Another of Murky's favourite things is music, particularly heavy metal. In a world where it feels hard for people to understands you, Murky understands everything and more music wants to tell her, and vice versa perhaps. The noise of heavy metal is unwavering, unrelenting, and clears her head on the worst of days. That's why it's her favourite genre.

Murky prefers to keep her love of costumes and clothing under wraps. While she thinks it's uncool to be seen dressed up, she couldn't deny the childlike enjoyment she gets from outfits and costumes, perhaps she enjoys the escapism it provides.

Murky was born in Western Manehattan into a slightly dysfunctional-but-loving family. She was named Murky by her father, as her hair reminded him of a blue-green murky sea at the coast. Otherwise, she was going to be named Lynne, but Murky stuck.

Nurses were quick to notice Murky's cries as a baby were silent, and after an X ray of her chest and throat, they discovered she had no vocal cords, thus was mute.

Despite this, Murky seemes like fairly normal filly in the early days of school, substituting talking with whispering to speak to her parents and classmates as she learnt.

However this didn't last long, though Murky still performed average in literature and grammar, she slowly stopped whispering. Nobody really could tell why, and she wouldn't write down why either.

As school went on Murky developed behavioural issues and was a hyperactive child, she could have been described as the average school bully at that point too. Though teachers observed she would show lots of affection to her friends, but would tease and pick on anyone else.
It was at the end of primary school that Murky began to notice the dysfunctionality of her life at home.

It began to register to her as she entered highschool that her parents barely spoke to each other, preferring to shout insults and never turn up after work. They seemed to love Murky deeply, but not each other.

This troubled Murky throughout highschool, and festered into an anger problem. She grew short-tempered, but her problems and feelings became neglected by the ones her parents felt against each other. This spiralled and snowballed into feelings of stress and confusion at a time when Murky should have been starting to understand herself and the world around her.

This lasted until Murky's mother left, and as to be expected this internalised Murky's feelings further without a mother figure to even think about confiding in. Murky grew used to internalising her negative feelings, and never enjoyed expressing them. So she never did.

Murky was not a sad child or teen, she was quite cheeky and surprisingly attention-grabbing for someone who couldn't speak. She enjoyed the attention of a dare or prank, or even bullying and teasing, it felt good to her. However she still held onto that childhood affection to those she liked, though now she was a little too 'cool' to show it so much.

Murky had trouble with her emotions, a trait carried over to this day. At times it feels like half of her wants them kept inside, and the other half of her is desperate to show them, at times leaving Murky a confused emotional mess.

Murky left school with very poor grades, and currently lives with her father seeking employment. Strangely, she was very late in discovering her mark, only realising it had appeared one day after a brief incident where she witnessed and fought off muggers in an alley outside her house. However she has mixed feelings about the mark, as it hadn't helped her really understand who she is, and what her place in this world is supposed to be. So she began dabbling in the world of vigilante-ism while searching for employment, which is where she is today.

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Original desc:
Heyyyy and there's another one done.
Murky actually hasn't had any changes done for the most part, maybe her tail has been tweaked a bit but nothing much at all. It's curled here because it's moving, so here's a better angle of it when it's still, along her magic and her front-facing mane:
Gaze and admire my terrible handwriting lol.

I'm much happier with this one than the Ace one, but I tried to make Murks sorta look at the viewer. But does it look like she's looking past us?

I've been real busy behind the scenes with a bit of a surprise hopefully for you guys, hope ya like it when it comes out But as it stands I've got that to finish, as well as the remaining references: Ember and Desert, who actually have some changes.


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