Little piece of fanart for Metalhead97 of their dragon Veitie. Apparently she doesn't like to smile or laugh… but that's about to change~
safe2423742 artist:irkingir21 imported from derpibooru3568101 oc1050983 oc:veitie20 anthro417202 dragon90077 anthro oc40502 bondage52272 bound2765 bound wings5262 clothes700423 dragoness14676 dress67570 eyeliner1995 feather9240 feet61736 female1913480 fetish64184 foot focus6201 makeup42748 metalhead96 nose piercing4594 outfit2073 piercing69569 rope17791 rope bondage7618 tickle fetish2480 tickling6578 toe tied813 toes10093 wings244827


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