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I've been working on a commission and here it is. This is the adults Cutie Mark Crusaders admiring the ass of adult Diamond Tiara. This is a commission for buffaloman20. Thank you so much for your support and I hope you like it!

This was done a bunch of days ago. Back then, I got my left eye infected. Because of that, I had to work on the composition in a kinda blind way, with the laptop brightness at the minimum. Fortunately it got better so I can focus on making more fanarts. If I can, I'll post more.

I hope you like it and take care!
suggestive222496 artist:ringteam474 imported from derpibooru3497493 apple bloom69545 diamond tiara14265 scootaloo68906 sweetie belle65798 human255456 annoyed7710 ass85510 butt225837 butt focus873 butt grab4396 butt touch8117 clothes678572 commission122550 cutie mark crusaders25391 dialogue100151 diamond buttiara362 grope20438 group7435 huge butt17174 humanized137447 large butt34349 older41420 older apple bloom3394 older diamond tiara1179 older scootaloo3174 older sweetie belle3842 quartet1025 skirt57452 skirt lift5948 surprised13523


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