safe1732898 artist:the-butch-x1534 edit130838 imported from derpibooru2383983 applejack172512 fluttershy215399 gummy5119 pinkie pie219454 rainbow dash236638 rarity184166 sci-twi25445 spike81170 spike the regular dog2743 sunset shimmer65210 twilight sparkle307187 alligator812 dog9720 equestria girls204536 equestria girls series32830 the craft of cookies140 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13930 applejack's hat6704 backpack1870 beautiful5349 belt5354 bleachers201 blonde hair550 blue eyes4878 boots21124 bowtie9926 bracelet8966 breasts274437 busty applejack9886 busty fluttershy17055 busty pinkie pie10795 busty rarity12516 busty sci-twi626 busty sunset shimmer5361 busty twilight sparkle11871 candy7203 canterlot high2733 clothes464627 collar33626 confident698 cookie3698 cowboy hat15319 cute197721 cutie mark48329 cutie mark on clothes1397 dashabetes8827 denim skirt1400 diapinkes9428 dress44370 fashionista19 female1020132 fence2870 food70556 forest10181 freckles29227 geode of empathy2683 geode of fauna1464 geode of shielding1833 geode of sugar bombs1614 geode of super speed1928 geode of super strength1700 geode of telekinesis2631 glasses62794 green eyes4101 grin38037 gummybetes51 hairpin1565 hallway912 hand on hip5863 happy31220 hat86744 headband3458 heart48457 high heels10961 hoodie14128 humane five3316 humane seven2500 humane six3154 jackabetes5697 jacket12509 jar1065 jewelry61804 kitchen1866 leather1081 leather jacket3283 leggings2045 lockers1598 looking at you166857 magical geodes7523 male348536 multicolored hair5224 necklace18175 one eye closed29992 open mouth143550 open smile80 outdoors9844 pink hair1103 plushie23898 ponytail17577 purple eyes2140 purple hair696 rainbow hair2286 raribetes5083 red eyes6122 red hair891 redraw1884 rework19 shimmerbetes4409 shirt24794 shoes35414 shyabetes13111 signature24029 skirt39514 sleeveless3978 sleeveless dress41 smiling245641 smiling at you2885 soccer field220 spikabetes2006 spike the dog2649 sun6612 sunset5368 sweat26128 sweatdrop3134 sweatdrops535 t-shirt4343 tanktop7568 the-butch-x is trying to murder us4 tray826 tree32108 twiabetes11425 vest3923 wall of tags2731 waving2951 windmill312 wink24616 winking at you653 wristband3562 yellow hair266


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