Sprite, drawing casual wholesomeness without diapers involved? Perish the thought.
Have a simple, cutesy wholesome image of brushie brushie action.
Now with more wholesomeness.
Featuring NiTEi OC, Understudy.
safe1795302 imported from derpibooru2472522 oc740014 oc only479202 oc:sprite253 oc:understudy71 alicorn234927 earth pony255140 pony1002653 alicorn oc28571 aritst:spritepony2 brush1940 brushie brushie72 brushing mane38 earth pony oc9349 female1067077 hairbrush409 horn72342 lesbian104195 lineart21990 oc x oc16838 shipping211401 sitting66363 sketch67132 sprite's ponyville house32 standing12911 wings117092


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